WARMER MIXTAPES #1580 | by Elizabeth Woolridge Grant (Lizzy Grant)/[Lana Del Rey]

1. Thomas Newman | Dead Already (American Beauty Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Look at you kids, with your Vintage Music...

2. Elvis Presley | Edge Of Reality (Live A Little, Love A Little Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Comin' through satellites while cruisin'...

3. The Notorious B.I.G. | Me & My Bitch 
You're part of The Past, but now you're The Future.

4. Skeeter Davis | The End Of The World
Signals crossing can get confusing...

5. Nino Rota | Main Title (The Godfather Waltz) (The Godfather Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
It's enough just to make you feel crazy, crazy, crazy...

6. Nina Simone | The Other Woman (Sarah Vaughan Cover)
 You get ready, you get all dressed up... To go nowhere in particular...

7. Lil Wayne | Lollipop (feat. Static)
Back to work or the coffee shop... Doesn't matter cause it's enough...

8. Nirvana | Heart-Shaped Box
To be young and in Love...

9. Fugazi | Waiting Room 
It doesn't matter if I'm not enough... For The Future or the things to come...

10. The Flamingos | I Only Have Eyes For You (Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler Cover)
Look at you kids, you know you're the coolest... The World is yours and you can't refuse it... Seen so much, you could get the blues... But that don't mean that you should abuse it.

+11. The Doors | Light My Fire
Don't worry, baby...

1. Gabor Szabo | Mizrab (1973 version, from Mizrab studio album)
Gabor's guitar playing is amazing. A great inspiration. His style is precise, articulate, intense, free flowing and breezy. Can't get enough of Gabor. He was a true master. This is one of the pieces I return to again and again.

2. Air | Mayfair Song
Most people tend to favour the early work of Air, but in my opinion they hit the high water-mark on Talkie Walkie and Pocket Symphonies (where this gem is from). The production is incredible. Probably the deepest sounding record I own.

3. Japan | Cantonese Boy
Japan's Tin Drum is one of those records I always return to. I'm a huge David Sylvian fan, but Steve Jansen's drumming has also had a lasting influence on me (check MST from the new Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas Munk album, for example). And Richard Barbieri's synth-work is second to none. He's really squeezing some juice out of his Prophet's on this record!

4. Piero Umiliani | Nostalgia (Rhythm Version) (La Ragazza Fuoristrada Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Umiliani is one of the true heroes of the Italian Library/Film Scoring scene in the 1960s and 1970s. Just listen to this flawless piece of Melancholic, Chilled-Out Bliss!

5. Tortoise | In Sarah, Mencken, Christ And Beethoven There Were Women And Men
TNT is one of the albums that has influenced me the most ever and this is an atmospheric gem from that album. The outro is unbelievable. We listened to this track while working on Passage, and I'm pretty sure it had a slight influence on tracks such as Coastal Path and Caffeine Blues.

6. Anton Carlos Jobim | Children's Games
I've never been to Brazil, but I imagine it to full of gorgeous coastal areas, green plants everywhere, bronzed godesses and a sweet scent of coffee everywhere. Jobim is a master of arrangements and this is a fine example of that.

7. Grateful Dead | Sage & Spirit 
I've been a Grateful Dead fan for 15 years, and the amount of Dead I listen to seems to increase every year – it takes up more and more of what I listen to. If it continues I'll be listening to nothing besides Grateful Dead by the time I'm 45!

8. Ashra | Kazoo
One of my favourite Göttsching cuts. It's quite often Manuel's spirit turns up during a Schnauss and Munk session. Definitely a huge influence.

9. Savath & Savalas | Apnea Obstructiva
This project of Scott Herren seems to be very underrated. I love the stuff he has recorded as Savath & Savalas, it's very traditional in a way, yet innovative and fresh.

10. Sun Kil Moon | Tonight In Bilbao 
Few things have had such a strong influence on me for the last 6-7 years as the work of Mark Kozelek. Most people seem to focus on the lyrics when discussing his work, but for me his genius truly shows in his guitar playing and sense of compositions. His songs are usually quite lengthy and meditative, but there's always some brilliant twists and turns happening throughout. It's a deep ride. Koz in this period (late Red House Painters, early Sun Kil Moon) was in a league of his own. Another true master.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1578 | by Yilian Cañizares

1. Omar Sosa | Promised Land
Well, I just love every single piece of Art Omar Sosa does. My Music is highly influenced by his work… Through the years I come back again and again to his Music and always find new beauty and Inspiration. This song is especially beautiful to me, not only because of it’s esthetic and peaceful vibes, but also because of the powerful message it delivers.

2. Omara Portuondo | O Que Será (À Flor Da Terra) (with Chico Buarque) (Chico Buarque Cover)
I’m completely in love with this interpretation. Love the feeling Omara and Chico get together, the way their voices groove, the arrangement… If I feel a little bit down, this song is the best medicine!

3. Akua Naru | Poetry: How Does It Feel?
I discovered this artist few years ago by chance. A friend posted this song on Facebook and I was like Waoooo. I was completely hypnotized by the way she said every single word, by the Sensuality and the Honesty she put in every phrase. Later on, we had the opportunity to meet each other. Akua is very engaged for women's rights, for black people's rights, for minority rightsSo we have a few points in common! We immediately had a great feeling and we decided to perform together. I also invited her to feature on one track on my latest album Invocación.

4. Snarky Puppy | Lingus
I have just fallen in love with this band! They have this fresh, open minded, fearless approach to Music, which I really like. I also love the fact that they are reaching a very wide audience around the world doing a Music that is instrumental and very authentic and personal. In a world where the trend is to be uniform I love to think that these kind of miracles are still possible.

5. The Roy Hargrove Quintet | Strasbourg/St. Denis
I had a period that I listened to this tune every single day at home. I just get obsessed with it! The whole band is grooving so well!!! I guarantee this tune will put the Joy and the Sunshine in your soul immediately.

6. Erykah Badu | Didn’t Cha Know
I came to Erykah Badu quite late in my life. I mean while I was living in Cuba I was more into Cuban Music, and Classical Music and some JazzBut I really love her style and the way she is able to make a good song with very simple elements… Which is quite difficult to do! I also love this kind of Black Female Proudness she represents.

7. Nina Simone | I Put A Spell On You (Screamin' Jay Hawkins Cover)
Talking about black, and female, and being proud of it. Here is the queen! I’m very inspired by Nina, as an artist and as a human being. It takes a lot of courage to do what she did, to stand the way she did. How is possible to go on stage and not to talk about what is going wrong in our society? I mean, this is also our role as artists. So all my respect and admiration goes to the amazing artist and lady Nina was.

8. Avishai Cohen | Seven Seas
I love the creativity of this man! He can create very complex grooves and still make them seem very easy (as in this tune). The other thing I really like is that from the very first note you can recognize he is playing. He has found his own voice, which is one of the most important things as a musician.

9. Havana De Primera | Pasaporte
Coming from Cuba, I need to introduce you to my favorite Salsa group! These guys are simply amazing. I have some good childhood friends playing in this band and I’m very proud of them. I can’t listen to this Music without moving my whole body. It feels so right! Wherever I hear this Music... I get immediately transported to my hometown Havana.

10. Oscar Peterson + Stephane Grappelli + Joe Pass + Mickey Roker + Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen | Nuages (from Skol Live album)
Last but not least. One of my favorite violin players, playing with one of the greatest piano players of all times. Every time I listen to Grappelli it is like having a master class. Just close your eyes and listen to how beautiful a violin can sound.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1577 | by Oskar Andersson [Northern Tropic] of Cut City

1. Suicide | Diamonds, Fur Coat, Champagne
Nothing sounds like Suicide. Love this song.

2. Jan Johansson | Byssan Lull (Swedish Traditional Seaman Song)
Jan was a friend of my grandfather, they used to party and play Music together in the Sixties. He's one of my all time favorite musicians. The way he phrases his playing is magic. This is actually an old Swedish nursery rhyme, but played so beautiful it brings tears to my eyes.

3. Jai Paul | Jasmine (Demo)
When I first heard this song I was blown away, it sounded like nothing I've heard before. Harsh and soft, ugly and beautiful at the same time.

4. The Sound | Kinetic
Why The Sound isn't bigger than U2 or even Simple Minds will always be a mystery to me. One of my all time favorite bands.

5. Erik Lundin | Haffla
Swedish Hip Hop... In the last few years has exploded. Erik's debut EP under his own name is one of the best releases ever made in Sweden.

6. Studio | West Side
Milestone. It sounds like all of my favorite songs played at the same time and still like nothing else. Singular piece of Music.

7. Ebo Taylor | Nga Nga
I think of Ebo Taylor as Fela Kuti's Melancholy brother. Super Funky beats over amazing vox.

8. Diana Ross | Upside Down
I remember when I was I kid, me and my family used to go on these vacations by car. The kids sat in the back and my father had made all these mixtapes: David Bowie, Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, Diana Ross. Love this song.

9. Frank Ocean | Novacane
Everybody loves Frank Ocean. The kid's a genius. Prince of the 10's.

10. Aaliyah | Try Again (with Timbaland) (Romeo Must Die Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Love the acidic bassline of this. And Aaliyah's amazing vox. Instant and everlasting.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1576 | by Robin Jessup [See Safari] of Chesil Beach

1. Madonna | Rain
This makes me think of the mid 90s when everything in Pop was perfect, Madge hadn't met Guy Ritchie, she was still working with Shep Pettibone and this empirical Pop record was everywhere and Ryuichi Sakamoto (Yellow Magic Orchestra) makes an appearance in the video. This song got played a lot in this surf shop I worked in for a while by a girl who looked like Pam Anderson. I was in Love , SUE!

2. Björk | Possibly Maybe
For me it's a break up song. 3rd girlfriend, I was 17, first time I’d been dumped, she was a Scorpio and an ice queen!!! After the break up, I saw her walking along the road with a Liam Gallagher lookalike, which brings me to...

3. Oasis | Columbia
Drugs Music... It was the 90s... We all thought we were fucking kings and from Manchester, we were a bunch of little shits from Bournemouth (home of The Mighty Cherries who are in the top 10 of the Premier League, #UTCIAD!!)... I can't tell you the way I feel because the way I feel... is a drug lyric and they were little shits on drugs and we were little shits on drugs and this song made us feel like a real nation in the middle of the 90s. Brits just want to get fucked up and hug each other. Folk don't know what they're doing... A great song from their only good album, Definitely Maybe.

4. Pet Shop Boys | Domino Dancing
Or West End Girls... I so wanted to live this life portrayed in the video... Hot, clubbing, chasing girls in PVC dresses... I still do! Somewhere a bit more WARMER CLIMES... All day, all day! WATCH THEM ALL FALL DOWN... Chris has always been a Rave/clubbing icon, he has shown the way to me many times in how to dress. Like a street wise kid and always in shades, interesting in West End Girls is that Chris isn't wearing sunglasses and is dressed quite smartly. HOW MUCH HAVE YOU GOT?... I used to play this in Hoxton Bar And Kitchen on the weekends and Electricity Showrooms and it would always cause a commotion. My girlfirend and I used to play these party sets and it was mostly 80s Synth Pop and New Wave and we could get away with it, we sometimes got called CUNTS by coked up wankers, but fuck them. It was London, we lived an amazing life. It was the last time when you could live as a DJ and booker and pay your rent and go out nearly every night. I feel bad for kids from my background that don't have mum and dad money to pay the rent, because it would be nigh on impossible to follow your dreams and move to London as it's just so fucking expensive now. I met so many great DJs there in London who are my heroes still and I'm still finding New Music through them or getting introduced to people (Severino is especially good at putting people in touch...), also people like Jonjo from Trash/Durr, Nathan G Wilkins from Boom Box and History Clock. They are amazing DJs because they also know the importance of looking good and playing hit records that cross genres. Myself and Sammy D and Fab Mayday we had great fun putting on nights in London, Perugia (Fab’s hometown) and Vienna later on and we played with some great names... Andrew Weatherall. Gang Of Four. Ariel Pink. I even warmed up for The Fall once at Koko...

5. Aphex Twin | Untitled (Track 1 aka Cliffs from Selected Ambient Works Volume II)
It's our love, bap bap bi bi bap bap bap... Selected Ambient Works Volume II is his greatest work, it really helped me get through awkward teenage years and cold windy nights. I bought the tape in HMV Exeter on a wet and windy family holiday, we stayed at a caravan park in Polzeath in Cornwall and I went off and sat on the edge of a cliff feeling the sea spray and listening to this. It was one of the best nights ever and I knew I wanted to make emotional moving Ambient Music like this one day, it's only taken me about 22 years to get 'round to it!

6. DJ Misjah & DJ Tim | Access
Pure clubbing madness track. Bong!! This was played in every Techno club and House club, you don't get all emcompassing anthems like that anymore... Pure Dutch Acid track, mid 90s Trance and Techno were much closer bedfellows and there was a great number of DJs like Billy Nasty and Mrs Woods who had a cult following because they played really hard sets and their Music was basicly a great driver for the pills and Speed we were consuming, which brings me onto the next track...

7. Underworld | Two Months Off
Can I put in 3 tracks as they are the group I've seen most at festivals/concerts and their live shows... Every track bleeds into the other in one intoxicating blast of ecstatic noise, my generation is the Trainspotting chemical generation, we had 5-6 years pre-Internet and had to find Music we heard in clubs, but with the advent of Trainspotting you had a film and the books of Irvine Welsh that summed up a lot of that time from the 80s going into the 90s and the thrill of the Change from the grey into ultra colourful strobe and lazer bathed Future. Underworld took Bowie cut ups, accompanied them with thundering beats and breaks, warm pads and their immense eye bath visuals, the greatest Electronic Art group ever next to Kraftwerk and The Chemical Brothers. SO Two Months Off INTO Born Slippy INTO RezALL RAVERZ KNOW THE FEELING... HARDCORE WILL NEVER DIE!

8. Peshay | Piano Tune
I'M STILL a JUNGLIST... Fond memories of Goldie, Fabio & Grooverider, Randall, LTJ Bukem, DJ Rap, Doc Scott, Total Science, Peshay, Jumping Jack Frost, Dr. S. Gachet, Hype, Roni Size, DJ Die, Aquasky, High Contrast and so many more all over the South Coast, Bristol, Bournemouth and London. After 2002 things fell off with too much annoying dark White Noise... This is my roller, my pill rush, my true classic. When the piano cuts through... There is no greater feeling.

9. Morrissey | Everyday Is Like Sunday
It's about any coastal town out of season or anywhere grey in Britain... I love Moz, I don't care about his politics and his aggresive veggieness, he is the greatest lyricist of all time and this song sums up how I felt a lot of the time about my home town Bournemouth, which I now miss a lot (naturally). I wanted to put in Boxers as well as that has the line Losing in front of your hometown... which I always think of when Bournemouth lose and how hard it must be for Eddie Howe, the manager, as he has so much pressure to keep them on top and he has brought up this team from the bottom. It means a lot to me and my mates because we are very proud of where we are from and feel lucky to of grown up there... Come and visit! You can't beat the South Coast vibe, there's a lot of wankers there... But some really good people... Try Chaplin's & The Cellar Bar in Boscombe, Fat White Family played there recently.

10. Sentics | Stop Dancing
My friend Marcus, who sounds and acts a little like Jonathan Richman (...least that's my impression!), but uses eletronics over guitars and EFX pedals... He is very talented but shy. We made a project called Chesil Beach together of noodly jams and spoken word tracks. He loves The Fall and Talking Heads and Scottish Post Punk... He is also a really talented painter. I hope he makes a lot more Music and paintings and we get the time to make more stuff as Chesil Beach together... I love his voice and far away dreamy guitar.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1575 | by Anna Carmela and Mark Malagise of THRIFT

SIDE A | by Mark Malagise

My favorite songs are the ones that remind me of certain places/events in my life.
So, all of these remind me of…

1. Led Zeppelin | Ramble On
Driving in the car with my dad. We would listen to Led Zeppelin II and he would tell me the back stories of all the songs.

2. The Marshall Tucker Band | Can’t You See
Fishing trips with my dad, grandpa, and uncles to Connoquenessing Creek in Zelienople, PA.

3. Percy Sledge | When A Man Loves A Woman
Every time I’ve ever fallen in Love ever.

4. Joe Cocker | With A Little Help From My Friends (The Beatles Cover)
Watching The Wonder Years.

5. John Lennon | Imagine
Sitting in my bedroom in High School and trying to figure out how to be an amazing songwriter.

6. The Beatles | A Day In The Life
Wanting to be alone and driving down Neville Road at night.

7. Van Morrison | Tupelo Honey 
Falling in Love for the first time.

8. Ben E. King | Stand By Me
Standing by myself and staring at the stars.

9. The Temptations | Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
Almost lovers.

10. The Flamingos | I Only Have Eyes For You (Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler Cover)
Summer patio dinner at The Erin’s.

SIDE B | by Anna Carmela

It’s so tough to pick only ten songs, because there’s so many that I could go off about.
But here are my top ten as of late...

1. Bessie Smith | You’ve Been A Good Ole Wagon
When people ask me what I listen to for inspiration, I usually point them in the direction of Bessie Smith. During her lifetime, she defied so many odds. She is an absolute powerhouse.

2. Pet Shop Boys | West End Girls 
This is my guilty pleasure song… But I definitely have no shame blasting it with my windows down.

3. Nirvana | Scentless Apprentice
This is the song that makes me feel ready to smash some plates against a wall or go toilet papering or something. It’s a pump up jam for me, I usually listen to it before performances. Nirvana was my first favorite band, so they will always hold a very special place in my heart.

4. Judy Garland | Smile (Nat King Cole Cover)
This song can make me feel better, no matter what mood I’m in. It’s one of those tunes that reminds me of why I love Music so much.

5. Creedence Clearwater Revival | Lookin’ Out My Back Door 
For some reason, I have always pictured this song playing at my funeral. It’s got a weird dark mood in my mind, even though it’s a cheery-sounding song. Plus Cosmo’s Factory is one of my all time favorite albums to listen to front to back.

6. Chet Baker | My Funny Valentine (Mitzi Green Cover)
This is just a classic. Chet Baker is definitely one of my favorite Jazz artists. I love how simply he sings this haunting song.

7. Big Brother & The Holding Company | Summertime (Billie Holiday Cover)
This version of Summertime gives me chills in all the right places. Janis Joplin has such an intense voice, from her biting growl to her sweet falsetto tones. I love all the places this version goes, and how they end it major. Super creepy.

8. The Velvet Underground & Nico | Sunday Morning 
This song makes me want to cry. But in a good way… It’s super hopeful to me. Watch out, The World’s behind you... There’s always someone around you who will call... It’s nothing at all. Gosh, Lou Reed was an incredible guy. Also, side note, it was always my dream to own an original pressing of this record, and Mark basically scoured the world to find one for me. So now I do own an original copy. Best Christmas present ever!

9. The B-52’s | Roam
I love this song because it reminds me of the best part about growing up in California: driving with the sunroof open, my friends and I sticking our heads out while driving to the beach. I also love Kate and Cindy’s vocals on this track - they’re fearless.

10. Bill Withers | Use Me
This song has just a badass feel to it. I love the groove of the track. Also Just As I Am (his debut album) has quickly become one of my favorites. It takes you on an emotional roller coaster. With tracks like Hope She’ll Be Happier, Harlem, Grandma’s Hands… Dang, the list goes on. I love Bill Withers.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1574 | by Craig Dyer of The Underground Youth

1. Bob Dylan | Shelter From The Storm
I don’t think it's excessive to say that discovering Bob Dylan’s Music when I did changed my life, it really had an important impact on me. And this track from what I consider to be his best record (Blood On The Tracks) is one of my unchanging top 5 songs of all time. The lyric Beauty walks a razor’s edge, some day I’ll make it mine gets me every time.

2. Rowland S. Howard | Breakdown (And Then…)
Crown prince of the crying jag… One of my favourite songwriters, guitarists, artists, I can’t really say any more than that.

3. The Velvet Underground | Ride Into The Sun
I bought Another View for 2 or 3 pounds from a market in London when I first got into The Velvet Underground and listened to this instrumental version over and over again. I still get the record out every now and then just to listen to this one track.

4. The Brian Jonestown Massacre | Wisdom
Quite simply the band that made me want to start a band. If memory serves, this was the first BJM track I heard and from there I was turned on to so much great Music.

5. Swans | I Crawled (Swans Are Dead Version)
I was in Reykjavík and a friend of a friend had just given me some new Music to listen to, among the tracks was this version from the Swans Are Dead live album. The next morning I put on my headphones and set off on the 10 minute walk to a local café, at 10 minutes long the track lasted from door to door and in that short journey my mind was blown.

6. The Cure | Plainsong
Bruce Springsteen said that the intro to Bob Dylan’s Like A Rolling Stone was like somebody'd kicked open the door to your mind. I felt this way the first time I listened to Disintegration and the introduction to this song exploded out of the speakers.

7. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds | Far From Me
It’s hard to pick one song from Nick Cave’s catalogue, but I decided to go with an emotional one. This song brings back a lot of memories.

8. Joy Division | Disorder
Unknown Pleasures is such an important record and the opening track has always been one of my favourite Joy Division songs.

9. Ramones | Judy Is A Punk
I was a teenager flicking through the channels on TV and I landed on some documentary that was playing live footage of a Ramones show at CBGB. I loved everything about it, the style, the Music, the raw Power and Simplicity. That was one of the reasons I picked up a guitar.

10. David Bowie | Rock 'N' Roll Suicide
There’s no shortage of Bowie tracks I could have picked for this list, but this was one of the first songs I fell in Love with when I took my parents' Singles Collection CD. It remains one of my favourites on the ...Ziggy Stardust... album, the perfect last track.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1573 | by Chase Burnett [Chasse] of Uncles

1. The Mountain Goats | The Mess Inside
The line where he says "I loved you so much I thought my heart was gonna pop" makes my whole body tense up every time. There is nothing that can make me feel the way this song does.

2. Girls | Hellhole Ratrace
I was 17 or 18 and just happened to be inside the Granada Theatre in Dallas when Girls was in town. This was the first song I heard by them and I sat in the theatre alone, frozen by their performance.

3. Wilco | One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)
One of those songs that seems to never end but you're totally fine with it.

4. Gillian Welch | I Dream A Highway
This song puts me in a trance the second I push play. Her voice and the lagging Acoustic guitars make you feel as if you are being gently tossed in some warm ocean.

5. Jason Anderson | This Will Never Be Our Town
I opened up for this guy at a venue in Dallas called 2 Bronze Doors. He had the whole room singing the chorus to this song. THIS WILL NEVER BE OUR TOWN. I think that was the night I really decided I was moving to Los Angeles.

6. Lyle Lovett | Nobody Knows Me
One of those guys that makes me glad I'm from Texas. I just love this song.

7. St. Lenox | Bitter Pill
He describes the feelings you have about an ex or an old friend. His simple production and lyrics helped me through some hard times.

8. Sibylle Baier | Tonight
I first heard this song the morning after a one night stand. She woke up before me and put on this record. I laid there in silence as this song totally took me over. It was a perfect moment.

9. David Bazan | Curse Your Branches
One of the closest representations of how I felt when I went through a similar time in my life. Again, this song helped me get though some hard times.

10. Boxknives | Fall
I play this song every year during The Fall. It reminds of happy times in Texas. These are two friends from my home town and it's one of my favorite songs ever.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1572 | by Keith Cullen

1. Gloria Gaynor | I Will Survive
You can’t deny that this song is one of the CLASSICS! It’s one of those songs we may not remember when we first heard it, but there’s something about it that makes us feel extremely powerful and like nothing could ever bring us down. And I grew strong, and I learned how to get along... Why... Yes I did!

2. Oasis | Wonderwall 
And after all... You’re my wonderwall... We’ve all been there, we’ve all had that person that we thought we couldn’t live without and this song reminds me of exactly that.

3. Plain White T’s | Hey There Delilah 
This song actually reminds me of the first time I ever went to New York and I stood there in the middle of Times Square looking up at all of the lights and thought to myself Wow!. Now every time I hear the song, it transports me right back to that moment. Times Square can’t shine as bright as you...

4. U2 | One 
I have to add this song to my list from this amazing Irish band. This song reminds me that we are all the same on this planet, we need to stand up and be there for each other to get anywhere. One Love, One Life... I like to be a person who treats everyone equally, and this song reminds me to do that whenever I hear it.

5. James Bay | Hold Back The River 
To me this song is about feelings. It’s about loving those around you and being there for them at all times, especially when they need you. It reminds me to take time out to speak to those I love and look after them. Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes...

6. David Bowie | Life On Mars?
It’s on America’s tortured brow that Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow... Although I live a very positive life, and always try to bring positivity to those around me... This song often brings me back to Reality. It’s a gentle reminder of Reality through Bowie’s abstract lyricism. It reminds me that there is more to Life than just us, Life is bigger than us! Is there life on Mars?

7. Paloma Faith | Picking Up The Pieces 
Another beautiful song to add to the list! And a reminder to me that sometimes we have to pick up the pieces and that’s just Life. We do it and get through it and then move on. And I’m picking up the pieces, I watch you cry, but you don’t see that I’m the one by your side...

8. Blackstreet | No Diggity (feat. Dr. Dre & Queen Pen)
No Diggity, No Doubt... This song is my party song. It makes me want to get down... Whether you just nod your head along to the beat and you really break it down, this song will definitely have you moving. It gets me every time!

9. Gnarls Barkley | Crazy 
This song is a reminder to me to always spread Love. Love is powerful above all else. Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself out there and to wear your heart on your sleeve, but doing so and sharing your love will help you to receive Love in return. Maybe we’re all a little bit crazy in this life. I think you’re crazy, just like me...

10. OneRepublic | Apologize
Sometimes in Life people mistreat us and sometimes it’s just too late for them to apologize. Maybe we have already given them too many chances and it’s our turn to put ourselves first. You tell me that you need me, then you go and cut me down...

WARMER MIXTAPES #1571 | by Frank Jonas [Young Krillin] of GÖDLIFE

1. Paysage D'Hiver | Welt Aus Eis
You can feel the snowstorm in your face when you listen to this Music.

2. Branikald | On The Waves Of Inspiration
One of the best pieces of Music to fade away to when you're trippin'...

3. Uzi | Money
This is Feel Good Music in Perfection for me.

4. Moby | When It's Cold I'd Like To Die (with Mimi Goese)
I love listening to Sad & Depressing Music.

5. Akitsa | Le Retour Du Soleil Noir
Great melodic Lo-Fi Punk.

6. U.D.I. | Six Digit Figures (feat. Cold World Hustlers)
They are my two favorite Bay Area Rap crews, this a a classic track by them.

7. Ol' Dirty Bastard | Snakes (feat. Buddah Monk, Killer Priest, Master Killer, The RZA)
The old Wu-Tang stuff had this Rawness combined with a Melancholy mood and great Rap flows that is still unmatched today.

8. UGK | One Day (feat. Ronnie Spencer & 3-2)
I could never decide on just one favorite Hip Hop track from Texas, but this is a really great one.

9. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | I See A Darkness
He's one of my favorite singer-songwriter dudes.

10. Lil B | Tonight
Unfortunately I only have one more song left, so I will choose Lil B, since he inspired me to start rapping myself.