WARMER MIXTAPES #1275 | by Christopher Hoffmann Jacob [Ohsaurus/ETERNITY • TREE]

1. Bruce Hornsby & The Range | Look Out Any Window
This song is the ultimate Americana experience. When I don't know what I want to listen to, this record always gets thrown on. A very talented group with some excellent songs!

2. Atmosphere | Modern Man's Hustle
Atmosphere was an early exposure of Hip Hop for me. The God Loves Ugly album was particularly important to me, especially lyrically fitting for that time in my life. Some really great Music.

3. Belle And Sebastian | Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying
An all-time favorite band of mine, the Scott masters of Pop B&S. This track in particular invokes an intense nostalgic joy for me.

4. Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf | Fair Weathered Friend
Great raps and raw beats; PB Wolf is at this point a young producer working with lyrical genius Charizma. Unfortunately this is the full extent of their catalogue together due to Charizma tragically losing his life in a mugging in 1993.

5. !!! | Yadnus
One of my favorite bands, !!! broke the mold for me in terms of genres, they showed me that you could make whatever kind of Music you want as long as it is good. This album is a hypnotic mix of Dance, Funk, Punk and Pop. Bizarre, addicting, and pretty much flawless. Any track off the album Myth Takes could have taken this spot, however I feel like this track is often over looked!

6. Woolfy Vs Projections | Absynth
This entire album is a brilliant accomplishment. There isn't a track that I don't love, and I can always spin this from top to bottom without skipping a beat. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED LISTEN. This track in particular has a haunting vibe to it, floating here and there...

7. Squarepusher | Tundra
I could use this guy's whole catalog as a talking point, such a large influence on my Music! Amazingly talented composer with a great ear. If I ever need some sonic inspiration Squarepusher is a great refresher.

8. Scuba | Tulips
Some of the best Techno I have heard recently. Beautiful melodies mixed with infections rhythms. This album has become a classic for me.

9. Porteur | Clothespin
Fantastic Music. I couldn't recommend the album (LKBK) enough. My cassette copy rarely leaves my tape deck. Fantastic Music.

10. The (International) Noise Conspiracy | Capitalism Stole My Virginity
Always gotta include this one; I grew up on Punk Rock, T(I)NC was one of my favorite bands. Perfectly fusing Old-School sounds with New-School ideas. They were very political and intense, very influential on my young mind! I still love this band and all the music they made, nothing will ever come close...

WARMER MIXTAPES #1274 | by Kat Burns [KASHKA] of Forest City Lovers

1. Gotye | Hearts A Mess
I'm pretty obsessed with this man's music right now. I've been in the studio lately and every time we had a lunch break I'd show my producer (Leon Taheny) a new Gotye song and we'd talk about the method he made it. This song in particular has a great video as well. If Gotye ever wanted to take me on tour...

2. My Brightest Diamond | Inside A Boy
I listen to this song almost every day. It's beautiful and haunting and Shara Worden's voice is just perfect.

3. Light Fires | If We Got Along Ever 
This is another project that James Bunton, my collaborator and producer on Vichada, is working on. Regina is a sassy sarcastic force to reckon with on this song.

4. Kit Knows | Summer In The City 
I am diggin' on this song right now because it's a sexy tribute to Toronto in the summer. Really, what could be better?

5. Golden Ghost | Plain Sight 
Laura Goetz is a such a lovely girl and I consider her an inspiring friend. Her voice always reminds me, in a strange way, of a young Dolly Parton. The version from Daytrotter Session is a great live version of one of the songs that probably got the most play of anything in the Forest City Lovers tour van.

6. Warm Myth | Working
My longtime and dear friend Casey put out a few songs with the talented Kieran Adams under this moniker. They're like beautiful lullabies to drift into dreamland with.

7. Danny Michel | The Invisible Man 
I'm a sucker for simple and repetitive riffs (who isn't?) and this song is very satisfying that way.

8. St. Vincent | Surgeon (4AD Session)
There is a fantastic live video from this session. I really admire Annie Clark, she is a fantastic songwriter and performer. I strive to be half as good as her!

9. Kronos Quartet Performs Phillip Glass | String Quartet No. 2 (Company): III & IV (1983)
It's more like a whole album, but I love the Kronos Quartet Performs Phillip Glass. I listen to it when I'm on planes a lot, it's totally calming and beautiful.

10. Dolly Parton | 9 To 5 (9 To 5 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Because I can never get enough of Dolly Parton!

WARMER MIXTAPES #1273 | by Terick Lamont Nelson [Terick Lamont]

1. 2Pac | Trapped (with Shock G)
This was the first 2Pac song I had fully memorized the lyrics. At the time I was getting older and treated different 'cause I wasn't a lil' black boy, I was a big black man, and I didn't know how to feel, and this song kind of illustrated it for me and the paths that I have in Life. I was like I can go to School, get my foot in the door and do something with my life, or I can die or get locked up.

2. Nas | Rewind
THIS MAN RAPPED A FUCKING STORY IN REVERSE. IT'S LIKE HE JUST GOT BORED. And was like, ay, my nigga, Ima Rap this shit reverse, son... It was hard putting this on over... I gave you Power.

3. Jay-Z | Feelin' It (feat. Mecca)
I heard this track and was like this man's flow and vocabulary are ridiculous. Really inspired my flow.

4. OutKast | Prototype
I was laughing when I first saw the video, but the song is a classic, and should have more recognition. André knows how to put together a song and still have content, even when he singing. Stank you smelly much...

5. Alicia Keys | Un-Thinkable (I'm Ready) (feat. Drake)
This song is high key perfect. Like flawless. It's rare you hear a completely flawless track. Alicia does it all the time. But I liked how she sang over a lot of bassy low key Hip Hop beats, like how Lana Del Rey used to do too, or SZA now, I love that shit.

6. The-Dream | Falsetto
This track is also flawless, I didn't like The-Dream at first 'cause I thought Shawty Is A 10 was trash, but this is one of my favorite tracks of all time. This dude is a great songwriter and producer, real inspiration.

7. Kanye West | Flashing Lights (feat. Dwele)
I feel like everybody loves this song and has no idea what it's about. I listened to it and figured it out before Rap Genius got poppin' and was like... Damn, Kanye painting pictures, but still has to make a catchy song, you know. This song changed my approach to Song Writing.

8. The Killers | When You Were Young
EPIC AS FUCK. BRANDON FLOWERS, ELITE SONGWRITER AND VOCALIST, don't let anybody tell you any different. This track might be my favorite song of all time.

9. Kanye West | Spaceship (feat. Consequence & GLC)
I used to be in the clothing store working, singing that song. People I worked with was like Are you making that up now?. Hahaha... It just perfectly illustrated my situation at the time.

10. Nas | The Cross
Maaaaaaan, I was pissed when I heard Stigmata by Ab-Soul. He got MAAAAAAAD... Respect points for sampling the hardest Nas line of all time, haha.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1272 | by Delroy Plummer [Black Zheep DZ]

1. The Notorious B.I.G. | Everyday Struggle 
Reason being is 'cuz it feels like an anthem to a lot of lives coming from Baltimore, including mine's, you know? Another day, another story, it's a real inspiration too.

2. Jay-Z | Can I Live
The production on it is crazy. Sometimes I also feel like that, you know? (can a niggi just live?). It's a motivation. On top of that it's something I played when I hopped in my Lexus GS to start almost everyday off, right after Everyday Struggle.

3. The Weeknd | Next 
I just be feeling like that a lot of times when I encounters certain females. Of the females just wanting you for your worth.

4. Butch Dawson | Pistol Pete 
I love the nostalgia behind the production & the way he flows on the beat, which captures the whole vibe for it.

5. Kanye West | Late 
The beat is hard, the lyrics are hard & it's from one of his best albums... The end. 

6. Frank Ocean | Sierra Leone
It's a peaceful piece of Art, metaphorical & well put together. The type of shit I like to hear a lot.

7. Kendrick Lamar | The Art Of Peer Pressure 
It just takes me back on memories when I used to be with the gang-bangers, around my side of town & Life was almost equivalent to exactly what I was going through.

8. Young Jeezy | Go Hard
The track is tough. On top of that, he killed it showing his lyrical ability. This brings back a lot of memories along with the rest of Trap Or Die 2.

9. N*E*R*D | God Bless Us All
It's a motivational track & the production is CRAZY on it (of course!)... Haha.

10. D.R.A.M. | Never Again 
It's one of those songs that speaks on exactly how you feel when you get too drunk or too high, haha. I feel like... Who doesn't feel like that when it happens... Which is why I like it so much.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1271 | by Linda Slagter [Fraulein Z]

1. Spektrum | Kinda New (Tiefschwarz Vocal Mix)
I heard this song for the very first time during our first party we organized in our own Herr Zimmerman club, which was an old meat factory. I love this song, and the Techno Electro sound inspired me.

2. Roxy Music | Love Is The Drug
My parents already loved Roxy Music, and so do I, and this song reminds me of the unique Roxy Music sound and their stylish and sexy album covers standing in our living room.

3. Donna Summer | I Feel Love
Years ago I bought the Danny Howells remix on vinyl. I like this song because it’s almost 40 years old and it still works on a dancefloor, and the Danny Howells remix works great on a Techno dancefloor.

4. Slam | Lifetimes (with Tyrone Palmer)
It’s a beautiful melancholic song, and I love the heavy bass line and lyrics.

5. Zombie Nation | Kernkraft 400
I like this classic one, and Techno Electro sound and it makes me happy when I hear this song or watch the funny video. Also I had the pleasure of playing along mister Zombie Nation several times in line up during Herr Zimmerman club nights and festival.

6. Soft Cell | Tainted Love (Gloria Jones Cover)
For me it’s the ultimate synthesizer song and best cover of Gloria Jones' Tainted Love.

7. Boys Noize | Frau (feat. I-Robots)
We named our club and label after Herr Zimmerman, an alien party cat flying in his UFO around the World. This song is about a woman from Space and people always ask me to play this song, because in a way it’s a Spacer Frau track.

8. Dustin Zahn | Stranger (To Stability) (Len Faki Podium Mix)
A Techno dancefloor bomb and one of my favorite Techno tracks I play. It’s a long track but never dull.

9. Jaydee | Plastic Dreams 
Real House classic, and still perfect.

10. Speedy J | Something For Your Mind (12 Inch) (Speedy J Remix)
I just loved the beginning of House Music. For me Plastic Dreams and Something For Your Mind are symbols of this start.