WARMER MIXTAPES #1573 | by Chase Burnett [Chasse] of Uncles

1. The Mountain Goats | The Mess Inside
The line where he says "I loved you so much I thought my heart was gonna pop" makes my whole body tense up every time. There is nothing that can make me feel the way this song does.

2. Girls | Hellhole Ratrace
I was 17 or 18 and just happened to be inside the Granada Theatre in Dallas when Girls was in town. This was the first song I heard by them and I sat in the theatre alone, frozen by their performance.

3. Wilco | One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley's Boyfriend)
One of those songs that seems to never end but you're totally fine with it.

4. Gillian Welch | I Dream A Highway
This song puts me in a trance the second I push play. Her voice and the lagging Acoustic guitars make you feel as if you are being gently tossed in some warm ocean.

5. Jason Anderson | This Will Never Be Our Town
I opened up for this guy at a venue in Dallas called 2 Bronze Doors. He had the whole room singing the chorus to this song. THIS WILL NEVER BE OUR TOWN. I think that was the night I really decided I was moving to Los Angeles.

6. Lyle Lovett | Nobody Knows Me
One of those guys that makes me glad I'm from Texas. I just love this song.

7. St. Lenox | Bitter Pill
He describes the feelings you have about an ex or an old friend. His simple production and lyrics helped me through some hard times.

8. Sibylle Baier | Tonight
I first heard this song the morning after a one night stand. She woke up before me and put on this record. I laid there in silence as this song totally took me over. It was a perfect moment.

9. David Bazan | Curse Your Branches
One of the closest representations of how I felt when I went through a similar time in my life. Again, this song helped me get though some hard times.

10. Boxknives | Fall
I play this song every year during The Fall. It reminds of happy times in Texas. These are two friends from my home town and it's one of my favorite songs ever.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1572 | by Keith Cullen

1. Gloria Gaynor | I Will Survive
You can’t deny that this song is one of the CLASSICS! It’s one of those songs we may not remember when we first heard it, but there’s something about it that makes us feel extremely powerful and like nothing could ever bring us down. And I grew strong, and I learned how to get along... Why... Yes I did!

2. Oasis | Wonderwall 
And after all... You’re my wonderwall... We’ve all been there, we’ve all had that person that we thought we couldn’t live without and this song reminds me of exactly that.

3. Plain White T’s | Hey There Delilah 
This song actually reminds me of the first time I ever went to New York and I stood there in the middle of Times Square looking up at all of the lights and thought to myself Wow!. Now every time I hear the song, it transports me right back to that moment. Times Square can’t shine as bright as you...

4. U2 | One 
I have to add this song to my list from this amazing Irish band. This song reminds me that we are all the same on this planet, we need to stand up and be there for each other to get anywhere. One Love, One Life... I like to be a person who treats everyone equally, and this song reminds me to do that whenever I hear it.

5. James Bay | Hold Back The River 
To me this song is about feelings. It’s about loving those around you and being there for them at all times, especially when they need you. It reminds me to take time out to speak to those I love and look after them. Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes...

6. David Bowie | Life On Mars?
It’s on America’s tortured brow that Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow... Although I live a very positive life, and always try to bring positivity to those around me... This song often brings me back to Reality. It’s a gentle reminder of Reality through Bowie’s abstract lyricism. It reminds me that there is more to Life than just us, Life is bigger than us! Is there life on Mars?

7. Paloma Faith | Picking Up The Pieces 
Another beautiful song to add to the list! And a reminder to me that sometimes we have to pick up the pieces and that’s just Life. We do it and get through it and then move on. And I’m picking up the pieces, I watch you cry, but you don’t see that I’m the one by your side...

8. Blackstreet | No Diggity (feat. Dr. Dre & Queen Pen)
No Diggity, No Doubt... This song is my party song. It makes me want to get down... Whether you just nod your head along to the beat and you really break it down, this song will definitely have you moving. It gets me every time!

9. Gnarls Barkley | Crazy 
This song is a reminder to me to always spread Love. Love is powerful above all else. Sometimes it’s hard to put yourself out there and to wear your heart on your sleeve, but doing so and sharing your love will help you to receive Love in return. Maybe we’re all a little bit crazy in this life. I think you’re crazy, just like me...

10. OneRepublic | Apologize
Sometimes in Life people mistreat us and sometimes it’s just too late for them to apologize. Maybe we have already given them too many chances and it’s our turn to put ourselves first. You tell me that you need me, then you go and cut me down...

WARMER MIXTAPES #1571 | by Frank Jonas [Young Krillin] of GÖDLIFE

1. Paysage D'Hiver | Welt Aus Eis
You can feel the snowstorm in your face when you listen to this Music.

2. Branikald | On The Waves Of Inspiration
One of the best pieces of Music to fade away to when you're trippin'...

3. Uzi | Money
This is Feel Good Music in Perfection for me.

4. Moby | When It's Cold I'd Like To Die (with Mimi Goese)
I love listening to Sad & Depressing Music.

5. Akitsa | Le Retour Du Soleil Noir
Great melodic Lo-Fi Punk.

6. U.D.I. | Six Digit Figures (feat. Cold World Hustlers)
They are my two favorite Bay Area Rap crews, this a a classic track by them.

7. Ol' Dirty Bastard | Snakes (feat. Buddah Monk, Killer Priest, Master Killer, The RZA)
The old Wu-Tang stuff had this Rawness combined with a Melancholy mood and great Rap flows that is still unmatched today.

8. UGK | One Day (feat. Ronnie Spencer & 3-2)
I could never decide on just one favorite Hip Hop track from Texas, but this is a really great one.

9. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | I See A Darkness
He's one of my favorite singer-songwriter dudes.

10. Lil B | Tonight
Unfortunately I only have one more song left, so I will choose Lil B, since he inspired me to start rapping myself.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1570 | by Christina Willatt and Andrew Wenaus of Wormwood

SIDE A | by Andrew Wenaus

1. György Ligeti | Clocks And Clouds (Performed by Cappela Amsterdam, Conductor: Daniel Reuss)
This is the perfect piece. There’s something about the way Rhythm dissolves into a focus on Timbre that is mindboggling, very moving, and timely. Much of Ligeti’s work informs what I wish to do in one way or another.

2. Autechre | 1 1 is
I love all of Autechre’s work. So I chose 1 1 is because it is one of the more recent tracks by Autechre that really struck me. In a way, it has a Ligeti quality to it – supertech Ligeti. Autechre has managed something unprecedented.

3. Dreamsploitation | Those Red Strings Found Feathers From The Fountain
From the EP Jupiter Flight. Like many of the artists I’ve included on this list, I find it hard to choose a single track. What struck me about Jupiter Flight was the busyness of the opening tracks and the serene, meticulousness of the closing track Those Red Strings Found Feathers From The Fountain. This track is for three electric guitars performed in three separate takes respectively by Chuck Blazevic directly to 1” tape. Beautiful.

4. Einojuhani Rautavaara | Cantus Arcticus (Performed by Rotterdam Philharmonic; Conductor: Robin Ticciati)
Cantus Articus’ marriage of Orchestral Music (somewhat conservative for 1972) with Birdsong on magnetic tape is very beautiful. The piece has sparked many ideas for us. Rautavaara inspired us to work more and more with Birdsong.

5. Flying Lotus | All In
+ Getting There (feat. Niki Randa)... It’s hard to isolate tracks from Flying Lotus’ work. It’s pretty much all perfect. Cosmogramma is a perfect album and so are Until The Quiet Comes and You’re Dead!. The way All In and Getting There open Until The Quiet Comes is striking. The short film collaboration with Kahlil Joseph is very beautiful.

6. Zachary Gray | Myrtle Beach
Zachary Gray’s Music is really beautiful and sophisticated stuff. Again, it’s hard to pick a single track from his work, but Myrtle Beach sticks out and in some ways is emblematic of what I like most about his work: patient, perfectly sculpted harmonic material counterpointed by perfect beats.

7. Squarepusher | 50 Cycles
I love Squarepusher. Seeing him play in Toronto a few years ago recently made Christina and me love him even more. It’s tough to choose a single track when you love an artist’s work so much. 50 Cycles however is one of the ultimate Electronic vocal deconstructions. Absolutely remarkable.

8. Mohammad Reza Shajarian, Hossein Alizâdeh, Kayhan Kalhor, Homayoun Shajarian | Ham Avazi Shushtari 
I react strongly to Persian Classical Music for its rhythmic complexity and overall intensity. Masters Of Persian Music is a kind of musical dream; some of the greatest Iranian classical musicians of the past century (Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, Hossein Alizâdeh, Kayhan Kalhor, and Homayoun Shajarian) play in this group. They brought one of the most beautiful and rich traditions of Music to an international audience. It is mastery at its peak.

9. Shadow Huntaz | Medic
An amazing track by a virtuosic project. Shadow Huntaz were introduced to us by our friend, composer and radio host Ian-Doig Phaneuf – and I’m forever thankful. Medic was the first track I heard and it hits harder with every listen. Totally exquisite stuff.

10. Laurie Spiegel | Appalachian Grove II 
Spiegel is a genius. Christina introduced me to Spiegel’s work and I immediately went and arranged two or three new works out of the sheer excitement of hearing this work for the first time. She combines serious Tech Innovation with Musicality in a way that few others did in early Electronic Music. This track really changed the way I think about Electronic Music and what it can do.

SIDE B | by Christina Willatt

1. Clark | Growls Garden 
Clark is a major influence for us. Body Riddle and Turning Dragon are amazing and I might as well have added many tracks from these two albums to the list. Clark’s more recent work, too, is great (Iradelphic, Clark, and The Last Panthers). Growls Garden, though, from Totems Flare manages to be simultaneously memorable, catchy, abrasive, terrifying, and beautiful. I think Totems Flare is a masterpiece. Excellent stuff.

2. Nick Drake | River Man
Almost indescribably beautiful. The guitar and string arrangement are lovely. Nick Drake’s short career is astonishing. The Sadness and Depth of his performances are very palpable. River Man is beautiful and something much more; I wish I had a word for this. There’s something to the line Oh, how they come and go... that amounts to more and more. It’s a vast line.

3. Sergei Rachmaninoff | All-Night Vigil (Vespers) (Performed by Robert Shaw Festival Singers; Conductor: Robert Shaw)
In particular Robert Shaw’s 1990 recording. These performances were life changing for me. It is among the most beautiful, sustained and ethereal Choral works put to record.

4. Joni Mitchell | Woodstock 
Joni Mitchell’s career is astounding. I chose Woodstock based on a live performance I saw that was flawless. Really, all Mitchell’s work should be on this list. I also really, really love her 1979 album Mingus.

5. The Underachievers | Herb Shuttles
I chose Herb Shuttles because it was the track that initially caught my attention. It is like Hip Hop from a radio signal that is picking up transmissions from the Spirit World. All of Indigoism is incredible and eerie.

6. You’ll Never Get To Heaven | You’ve Got The Sun 
After listening to the Canadian duo You’ll Never Get To Heaven a couple years ago I realized that I was experiencing something brilliant. This is recorded Sound and recorded History as Sculpture. Clark is also an audible sculptor; but while Clark sculpts Kinetics, You’ll Never Get to Heaven sculpts Historicity. The songs are beautiful, spectral, and haunting.

7. Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man ‎ | Mysteries
Among her best performances on record. Gibbons is unrivaled in her ability to communicate Affect. I’m a huge fan of her solo work and would love to hear more. Portishead’s Third is also one of my favorites. The early Portishead work is also amazing.

8. Cocteau Twins | Pink Orange Red
Elizabeth Fraser is a god and I discovered her work with Cocteau Twins relatively late (I first heard her collaborations with Massive Attack from the late 90s). Everything she does is gold.

9. Björk | Cocoon 
Vespertine is one of the most subtle, nuanced, and beautiful albums I’ve ever heard. Cocoon is like Metonymy for the full album: an absolutely gorgeous and sensitive performance.

10. Vangelis | Rachel's Song (with Mary Hopkin) (Blade Runner Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Vangelis’ soundtrack for Blade Runner is amazing. Rachel’s Song, for me, is the standout track. The way it ebbs and flows is so lovely and it really treats both electronics and vocals in ways that are both hypnotic and organic. Maybe this is why I think it’s such a great song to wake up to in the morning as an alarm clock: it eases you out of sleep and then keeps the day feeling dreamlike.

+11. Dead Can Dance | Flowers Of The Sea 
I’m pretty confident to say that Lisa Gerrard is one of the best singers in Pop. Dead Can Dance is so great – I love how they are able to combine disparate styles of Music to create an unified, awe-inspiring whole.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1569 | by Jacob Edward Cole

1. Talking Heads | Heaven
My brother and I grew up listening to a lot of Talking Heads, compliments of our father and his band playing Psycho Killer and other various hits. At a young age what struck me about Heaven in particular was how David Byrne conjured arguably his most beautiful melody and wove in a very tedious desperation with a loving sarcasm, as only he can do.

2. Patti Smith Group | Because The Night
Even though Smith herself has said this song is commercial shit, I still keep coming back to it. I can’t help but Love her voice on a Power Pop ballad like this. I’m not sure if it's because Bruce Springsteen gave her this song to finish and the exercise for an artist of her caliber to go in that direction is fascinating or because part of me is curious to hear a whole album of Springsteen & Smith songs, regardless I love it and I love her.

3. Bob Dylan | Most Of The Time
My current favorite Dylan tune. The echo laden field in which the melody finds itself really allows the lyrics to be that much more powerful and affecting. I love the contradiction of being so resolute, able to take what's happening and the Ultimate Denial of Lost Love.

4. Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers | That Summer Feeling
I got heavy into Jonathan around the time I was trying to understand what it meant to be alone again. Dealing with buried feelings and letting The Truth have its day. This is my favorite song about Sentimentality and fleeting moments that make up our favorite memories. Also appropriate to what the song's about, his sound reminded me of artists I’d loved growing up and was lucky enough to meet in various coffee shops and house shows. Some of my favorites being Hush recording artists Amy Annelle and Graves.

5. Michael Hurley | I Don’t Care X 3
Charming Apathy at its best. My friend used to play this song so much I thought it was his, that’s how I first heard of Michael Hurley. I heard Michael’s version of Pancho & Lefty and subsequently ended up at Townes Van Zandt, a connection I’m forever thankful for.

6. Tom Brosseau | Love High John The Conqueror Root
Nothing makes me feel more at ease then the voice of Tom Brosseau. Off of 2014’s simple and masterfully crafted Grass Punks, Love High John The Conqueror Root is a perfect blend of Tom’s uncanny history of the great American songbook and his perfectly controlled guitar playing.

7. Smog | Held
Bill Callahan’s often simple and repetitive structure allows for a keenly told narrative and lyrical phrasing that is more akin to a Jazz player than that of a conventional songwriter. Held is about Complete Vulnerability, surrendering yourself to trust another. The dissonance of the eerie electric guitar in the background, playing minor notes over a major key, perfectly creates the anxiety in letting go.

8. Morphine | Claire
Jazz, Sex and the real feel of Blues. You can’t beat it. The sound they had was so unique and powerful. How this song builds is nothing short of Perfect. Dana Colley’s baritone work is some of my favorite to date.

9. Bruce Springsteen | Lift Me Up (Limbo Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I find this oddly beautiful. I heard it randomly at the end of some movie I don’t remember and the song just stayed with me. Hearing Bruce sing the whole thing in falsetto when his voice really isn’t suited for it and still retain the delicate quality the melody has to offer is enticing. The coda is especially alluring. The song itself is simple and doesn’t pretend to be anything it's not, which is ultimately why I find myself putting it on repeat usually between two and three AM.

10. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds | I Let Love In
Dark and gloomy. Starting with a forceful Western themed guitar that hooks you in and creates a sorrowful drama. When I first heard his imposing delivery I felt an immediate relationship with the warning in the words. All my Paranoia with Love coming true.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1568 | by Cătălina Toma [Cătălina]

1. The Jackson Five | I’ll Be There
I fell in Love with the song and the artist instantly. Jackson Five's Third Album was the first record I’ve ever purchased. Every Michael Jackson album that I'd acquired became my Music bible. MJ’s songs were my daily case study. That's how I developed technique and refinement of Timbre. Michael was my first Teacher and Mentor, even before I enrolled myself into the Music School. He gave me Hope and helped me project my Music goals. I’ll Be There also became a staple in my repertoire in the beginning of my career.

2. Whitney Houston | Greatest Love Of All (George Benson's "The Greatest Love Of All" Cover)
Learning and performing this song brought me the first Music Trophy as a teenager. I had a connection with the song and it empowered me.

3. Michael Jackson | Billie Jean
My favorite MJ song. It was hypnotizing and made me feel all kinds of emotions. It has always inspired me. I was so in love with his Music and tried to emulate his dance moves. Billie Jean also caught my attention because of the songwriting and song structure, a perfect hit formula that captured the hearts of millions of people all over The World.

4. Michael Jackson | You Are Not Alone
I've always found comfort in this song, which I ended up performing in little concerts before I made it big in Romania. It spoke so much to me, as many times I felt lonely 'cause I was misunderstood by the people around me. You Are Not Alone made me realize that it’s OK to be alone in my journey through this life, while pursuing big dreams.

5. Mariah Carey | Without You (Badfinger Cover)
This record made me focus on widening my vocal range. I was so impressed with Mariah’s melodic precision. I would listen to the song all the time in my headphones on my way to the Music School. It made me aware of the multitude of vocal techniques out there.

6. Prince And The Revolution | Purple Rain (Purple Rain Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
This song made cry each time I listened to it. I couldn’t believe the intensity of his performance that came from his spiritual core. Purple Rain is the statement of a song that has a life of its own, forever relatable and relevant.

7. Terrence Trent D’Arby | Holding On To You
This anthem sends me into overdrive each time I listen to it. It's about Unrequited Love. Terrence’s singing is simply amazing.

8. 2Pac | California Love (feat. Dr. Dre & Roger Troutman)
It made me dream of LA/California. After buying this album I’ve became an ardent 2Pac fan. I love him to this day for his incredible talents and activism. Dre’s production was amazing and Roger Troutman's talk box effect was very intriguing to me.

9. Ginuwine | Pony
This is a very sexual song that I’ve covered on my first album. Ginuwine’s Music influenced my style and gave me that Urban edge.

10. Missy Misdemeanor Elliott | All N My Grill (feat. MC Solaar)
I wish the producers today could create such innovative Music at this level. Missy and Timbaland were the golden team that inspired me to transition from a Classic Pop style to an Urban/R&B sound.

+11. Jay-Z | Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99) (feat. Big Jaz)
This is an amazing track I had also covered on my first record Cătălina. It inspired me to get into the Rap thing. I learned from JAY Z and my producer at that time, Don Baxter, how to spit some bars.

+12. Aaliyah | We Need A Resolution
This song inspires me to become a producer one day. I've tried to reenact Timbaland’s sound in my home studio, so I can figure out his tricks. He created syncopated rhythms that were unheard of at that time. Aaliyah’s voice was so soothing and beautiful, giving the song a mysterious vibe. She became one of my greatest inspirations.

+13. Skrillex | First Of The Year (Equinox)
I associate this song with my first trip to LA and the No Limit Records signing in 2011. It made me fall in Love with Dubstep.

+14. David Bowie | Blackstar
This song taught me about Death and the Impermanence of Life. It inspires me to work harder on my career, so I can, one day, leave a Music legacy behind.

+15. Rihanna | Needed Me
This track reminds me of men trying to get with me for all the wrong reasons… Not because of the person I’m inside, but because of the glamorous girl that sings. They see me as a trophy girl, therefore it makes me doubt men and not give them a real chance.

+16. Justin Bieber | All That Matters
I became fond of this track when I used it for a dance routine. Awesome production and vocals.

+17. Calvin Harris | This Is What You Came For (feat. Rihanna)
This one makes me fantasize about being a DJ. I love Music that’s highly energetic. I love the raves and people coming together.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1567 | by Roger Jon Ellory of The Whiskey Poets

1. Moreland & Arbuckle | See My Jumper Hangin’ Out On The Line
Kansas Blues. A great big powerful Sound. Aaron Moreland on Electric, parlor, resonator and cigar box guitars, Dustin Arbuckle on vocals and harmonica and Brad Horner on drums. No bass player! Moreland builds his own guitars, one of them sporting three bass strings, three guitar strings and somehow it just works as a sound. The harmonica is redolent of Sonny Boy Williamson in the way it fills out the whole sound and makes it rich and vibrant. I latched onto these guys while chasing up on bands like Left Lane Cruiser. Really a great album - 1861 - named after the year that Kansas became a state.

2. John Martyn | The Man In The Station 
Martyn, as we all know, is a legend. Now dead, he lived a life that three or four ordinary people could not have matched. His death was a great loss to English Folk Music. A truly wonderful voice, and arrangements that just swell like waves, coming at you time and again. Put a track like this on in the house – from the album Solid Air - turn it up loud, and you’re transported elsewhere. Utterly magical.

3. Van Morrison | The Way Young Lovers Do 
From Astral Weeks - voted, I believe – as the Best Album of All Time to Make Love to! This was a benchmark in British Music in so many ways. Combining Blues, R&B, Jazz, Folk, Country, all of it in Morrison’s own inimitable style. The raw power of his voice, the subtlety of the arrangements, practised and practised by his band and then recorded in three days or something crazy like that! From his entire body of work, this album stands out – certainly for me – as one of the ultimate highs of a truly stellar catalogue. This track I love because of the way all the instruments converge and resolve at one point into a unified melody. Captivating.

4. The Thirteenth Floor Elevators | You’re Gonna Miss Me
West Coast Psychedelia. The best of the best. Roky Erickson, Stacy Sutherland, need we say more? That Electronic clay jug sound effect running through everything. Awesome lyrics. And then Erickson went on to form Roky Erickson And The Aliens and record the seminal The Evil One album which so many people didn’t get, didn’t appreciate, and yet stands as a masterpiece in any category. I love this band. I mean Love!

5. Sir Douglas Quintet | Mendocino
Doug Sahm, also recently passed away, was a master of West Texas Blues. Combining Tex-Mex rhythms, R&B, Blues, everything you ever needed in a great Dance Music, he created a unique sound with semi-acoustics and Hammond B3 organs that just gets you jumping and jiving like never before! A wonderfully warm and rich voice, a full sound, and just great tunes. Superb for driving.

6. Steve Earle | Copperhead Road
The bad boy of Country Music. I saw this track covered by Becki McLeod and her band in Nashville back in October 2015, and from the first note you know what it is. They did a great version, but Earle is Earle, and nothing and no-one can take the place of Earle. I understand that this album put a few noses out of joint in the Country Music world as it is so raw and powerful and honest, but it is what it is. This is just an incredible track, and – as is the case with many of Earle’s songs – it tells a story.

7. Stray Cats | Rock This Town
A Classically-trained guitarist, Brian Setzer took The World by storm with his Rockabilly three-piece. I think it was Dave Edmunds who got the English listening to Stray Cats, and thus we owe Edmunds a debt of enormous gratitude. Setzer is a phenomenal guitar player. The kind of guitar player that makes me think Oh, sod it, I might as well just give up!, and yet you listen to him and he just inspires you to try even harder. A raw sound, reminiscent of the greats – Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Johnny Burnette, Scotty Moore. He now plays solo with The Brian Setzer Orchestra.

8. Tom Waits | Ruby’s Arms
I have every album released by Tom Waits. Live, studio, doesn’t matter. Everything. There is no question in my mind about the importance of Tom Waits in my listening repertoire. He’s up there in the top five. Tom Waits has dragged me through some rough times, let me tell you. He can write the most powerful Love songs, the most heartrending ballads, the most awkward Progressive incomprehensible Jazz, and yet I love it all. It’s not just the Music and the Words, it’s the Man, the Identity, everything he represents and is. A staggering mountain of Creativity, and so many songs – like this one, Ruby’s Arms – that give you the impression that he is about as deep as a human being can be, about as empathetic as could be possible, and understands everyone who has ever had their heart broken. Incredibly moving.

9. Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band | Zig Zag Wanderer
Again, like Waits, like Van Morrison, like The Elevators, Captain Beefheart has been there throughout my life (seriously, I started listening to this kind of Music when I was seven or eight years old), and I won’t have a bad word said about him. Sure he can throw people into utter confusion with albums like Trout Mask Replica, but even that is entirely understandable when you’ve listened to it twelve or thirteen times. People get upset by unpredictable Music. Music they can’t dance to. Listen to something enough and it becomes predictable because of familiarity, and then it sounds utterly different. Anyway, this track – out of all the Beefheart tracks on my iPod – is similarly great. Real name Don Van Vliet, I think he is now living in the desert somewhere and painting. An incredibly talented and big-hearted man, and a phenomenal catalogue of wonderful Music.

10. Roy Buchanan | Dual Soliloquy (from Sweet Dreams: The Anthology)
Twelve minutes of Buchanan, unaccompanied on a Telecaster. Breathtaking. Utterly breathtaking. Buchanan and Danny Gatton were the two finest Telecaster players of all time. Gatton was from D.C. whereas Buchanan was from Arkansas. Both apparently committed suicide, seemingly no question in Gatton’s case, but very definitely questionable in Buchanan’s as he was found hanging from a noose fashioned from his own shirt in a Police cell. The family have contested the coroner’s findings relentlessly. Anyway, both of their deaths were a great loss. Both had an infinite capacity to play in all styles – Blues, Jazz, Country, Tex-Mex, Soul, and on and on. Buchanan was the ultimate sideman, never interested in the limelight, and a humbler man you could not have found. A great sound, a great player, and despite the fact that this track is nothing more than him just playing in a studio by himself, he encompasses so many styles within one piece it’s hard to comprehend why he isn’t a household name. Perhaps, simply, because he was such a quiet and unassuming man.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1566 | by Damin Borooah [Shaman///Damin]

1. Tropics | Popup Cinema
This was hands down my favorite song of 2012. From the lyrics to the ambiance, I couldn't get enough. I actually contacted Tropics via Soundcloud and asked how he makes his Music. Just him replying made me more than happy!

2. Grimes | Devon
I was very lucky to have met Grimes at UCSD! The show was sold out, so I went a couple hours before at the pub she was going to perform at, for her soundcheck. Then she showed up, I was nervous to say hi, but I did. I asked her if I could buy some merchandise, but instead she gave me 2 free tickets! She was very humble, down to earth, and her presence just made me realize that I want to do what she does. Her Music from early on is somewhat of an Ambient Pop with Witchhouse influences. This is so cool! Devon was a yearning song about someone she loved probably at that time.

3. Disclosure | Help Me Lose My Mind (feat. London Grammar)
Disclousure's first album blew me away. Also the British Music scene gives my goosbumps. There are so many British producers I like from Disclousure to Sam G, Edgar The Beat Maker (King Krule), Krystal Klear, etc., etc,! Especially this song with London Grammar... Can I mention that I also find her absolutely gorgeous! I always would soundcheck my material to see if it compares to songs like these... Still working on it...

4. The xx | Reunion
I feel like I don't have to say much about this one, the song speaks for itself. Again masterful production from Jamie xx, especially when the House elements of the song are implemented...

5. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds | Stagger Lee
I never heard of Nick Cave before Coachella 2013, and wasn't too keen on seeing his set at the time (so many good artists have the same set time), however my friends convinced me otherwise. And I can tell you I to this day have not seen a better live show. He changed my life. I might be one of his top fan boys. I can't describe how good his set was (full children choir/Bad Seeds band), you have to see it for yourself. Stagger Lee performed live... Can't describe the euphoria... (also I was not high in any way while watching this set!)

6. George Harrison | Wah-Wah
A top 12 songs of all time will not be complete without a Beatles track, but which one to pick?! I grew up listening to Beatles, my father is a huge fan, especially of George Harrison. Spirituality is of big interest to me and I felt that Harrison was the most yearning for Spiritual Life. Harrison, I felt that he really explored more of his spiritual side after the Beatles broke up, and his album All Things Must Pass is legendary.

7. Stan Getz/Joao Gilberto | The Girl From Ipanema (with Astrud Gilberto & Antonio Carlos Jobim) (Pery Ribeiro's 'Garota De Ipanema' Cover)
Not many voices give you an ominously chilling and nostalgic euphoria vibe all the time... This is exactly how I feel about Gilberto's voice. The song is perfect. Closest thing to Perfection I have listened to.

8. The Strokes | Life Is Simple In The Moonlight
The Strokes are my favorite Rock band. Pitchfork did not give this album justice (ugh!). Julian is another one of my idols, I can really relate to his lyrics in almost a creepy way. Like Wow, is he trying to tell me something?... But that's when you know you vibe with a band...

9. The Radio Dept. | Memory Loss
Radio Dept.? Radio Dept.! RADIO DEPT.! There is virtually no song that I don't like from them. I feel like this song is the greatest Love song of all time (even better than George Harrison's While My Guitar Gently Weeps). I feel like I'm in another world when I'm listening to them, I have never visited Northern Europe, but when I do, I want to go to Lund, Sweden, and feel the vibe there. I mean that's were they record their Music! (I think).

10. Beach House | Irene
I want this song to be played during my funeral, I feel like it will help my soul reach the next destination it's supposed to go to.

+11. Kanye West | Flashing Lights (feat. Dwele)
I heard this song first when I was in Middle School, then as I grew older I knew this was one of the songs that made me want to be a producer. Kanye is one of the best Hip Hop Producers of All Time. I hope he still makes his own Music these days! (Instead of getting other amazing producers as well). Anyways if he still does or doesn't fully make his tracks, his ear is amazing. He knows what Sound is, what Music is.

+12. Clams Casino | Illest Alive 
My favorite Hip Hop producer of all time. His Music is the closest thing to God I can relate to. Clams is a big inspiration. His influence in the Beat scene is going to be legendary.

1. Ulver | Eos
Shortly after the release of their album Shadow Of The Sun I was on holiday in a very hot and sunny place... I loaded a CD into the rental car's player that I was driving... With sweat vertically rolling down my forehead I hear a voice singing: The Sun is far away... Not bad!

2. Kreator | Pleasure To Kill
This song is connected to a bad episode of mala educación. I attended High School at a Salesian Institute... I had long hair and to say I was not frowned upon in the environment is an understatement... A teacher, during a lesson, noticed that on the back of my notebook I had a sticker of 4 grim dudes - Kreator - and immediately annoyed he removed the picture and threw it in the trash can mumbling disappointment words... I still hate that damn teacher... Pleasure To Kill!!!

3. Frédéric Chopin | Nocturne In E-Flat Major, Op. 9, No. 2 (Played by Arthur Rubinstein)
Melancholy and timeless beauty...

4. Slayer | Angel Of Death
In 2005, after a gig of mine in a squat in Leuven, Belgium, I began to pack up my gear with my musician friends. Suddenly the sound engineer put on Angel Of Death through the P.A. We started a wild air guitar session on the stage. Priceless.

5. Godflesh | Like Rats 
In the late 80’s I was an ultra-shy problematic teenager. I ordered the Streetcleaner album from a mailorder. When the package arrived I locked myself in my room to listen the CD. Guitars that sounded like metal sheets being dragged on the asphalt, glacial and repetitive rhythms, the low-pitched voice that came through a tunnel of reverb reminded us that you breed like rats... Gorgeous!

6. Einstürzende Neubauten | Halber Mensch
Actually the whole Halber Mensch album is an incredible Music masterpiece with an unique and inimitable personality. The first time I listened to it I received a blow to the senses which had only been rarely achieved previously.

7. Wehrmacht | Night Of Pain (Part I)
Maybe it is the least dark and most frivolous listening of my adolescence. Despite its name, the Wehrmacht was - and is - a band devoted to a carefree Fast Hard Core Thrash. I bought the vinyl Biērmächt in 1989... Despite the amount of times that I've placed it on the turntable, it’s still in good shape and as good as new... And closely guarded in my collection...

8. Metallica | Orion 
When I was about 13 years old, my older brother started to bring home multitudes of pirated cassettes of Heavy Metal bands: finally my very young ears hear interesting Music! Metallica was one of them and Orion is a magical journey of 8 minutes and 12 seconds into Outer Space.

9. Jane’s Addiction | Stop 
What a song! Psychedelic Rock, Surf, Desire for Lightness. Also in this case one of my rare not overwhelming/depressing listening experiences.

10. Swans | Coward
A heavy piece of molten lead falling on an immense desert of Frustration. The live version contained in Real Love is creepy as hell.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1564 | by Stevie Jukes and Alan Jukes (Vigo Thieves) of Saint PHNX

SIDE A | by Alan Jukes

1. Kendrick Lamar | m.A.A.d city (feat. MC Eiht)
This was like a breath of fresh air when I first heard it. Great track. Been a fan ever since.

2. Coldplay | Paradise
Great track. Something completely different from what they had done previously. Just shows how Coldplay can adapt and make new Music to generate new fans.

3. Eminem | The Way I Am
I love this. This track lyrically is phenomenal. Eminem is an idol of mine. He speaks his mind.

4. Dr. Dre | Still D.R.E. (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Hip Hop classic! Need I say more?

5. Arctic Monkeys | The View From The Afternoon
Drumming on this track is amazing. Great imagination. First real band I was obsessed with.

6. Kasabian | Club Foot
Seen them play this live to a packed out tent at T In The Park. Crowd went insane. Massive fan of Kasabian.

8. Snoop Dogg | Drop It Like It's Hot (feat. Pharrell)
The production on this track is immense. Snoop kills it and Pharrell is flawless.

9. R. Kelly | Ignition - Remix
Always a club banger. Timeless.

10. Jay-Z/Linkin Park | Numb/Encore
Great mix of 2 acts I never thought would combine.

+11. Biffy Clyro | Saturday Superhouse 
Awesome Scottish Rock. Mon The Biff.

+12. Kanye West | Power
Although many people find him egotistical and delusional, I find him so interesting. He is a genius at finding new sounds that hit you instantly. This track is just awesome.

SIDE B | by Stevie Jukes

1. Dr. Dre | Still D.R.E. (feat. Snoop Dogg)
As soon as you hear the opening hook then you have to listen to the whole song. Such a timeless anthem!

2. Ryan Adams | New York, New York
Inspiration to me growing up. I remember first seeing the video which features The Twin Towers and a few weeks later 9/11 happened.

3. Bruce Springsteen | Lost In The Flood
My first proper introduction into The Boss. Such a powerful and emotive song that showed me how to story tell through lyrics.

4. Rage Against The Machine | Bulls On Parade
Obsessed with RATM once I first heard this track. Major influence on Saint PHNX.

5. Kanye West | Black Skinhead
Love him or hate him - He’s fucking sick! Constantly evolving and changing the game up. This song is a prime example of how to push boundaries as an artist.

6. The Strokes | Hard To Explain
This song made me want to start a band.

7. Wu-Tang Clan | Triumph (feat. Cappadonna)
My first real introduction to Hip Hop. Nuff said.

8. Jackson Browne | Late For The Sky
I went through a De Niro film phase a few years back and was watching Taxi Driver. This song played and hit me like a ton of bricks. Amazing songwriting.

9. Blink-182 | What’s My Age Again?
I started playing Music on the drums. I remember playing this non-stop on my first rusty kit I got for Christmas. Still love it.

10. Brandon Flowers | Lonely Town
This is probably the most recent track that I fell in Love with.