WARMER MIXTAPES #1557 | by Sal Garro [Sally Bones]/(Quiet Loudly, The Governors, Hige Kuma, Scary Living, Your Friend, Kimi, Pinocchio Syndrome, Red Mirage) of pow wow! and Mount Sharp

1. The Beach Boys | Don't Worry Baby
My Quiet Loudly bandmates, Tony and Max, along with our disgustingly good musician friend, Drew St. Aubin, and I came together to form a one-off wedding band called The Wedding Dreams for our friends' wedding a couple years ago. One of the songs we played, and my personal favorite, was Don't Worry Baby by The Beach Boys. The back-up vocals are so pretty and soothing. It's a classic Beach Boys song and has the power to bring calm to any stressful situation.

2. Fruit Bats | The Banishment Song
The main dude in this band, Eric D. Johnson, is an incredible songwriter. The song starts out with a beautiful guitar intro, before busting into a perfectly orchestrated, sad Pop song. The high notes he hits appear impossible to replicate, so I'm shocked whenever I see him do it live - so flawless and effortlessly. One of my forever bandmates, Max Goransson of Quiet Loudly/The Governors/Pinocchio Syndrome, first introduced this band to me when their record Mouthfuls came out in 2003. I fell in love and, sure enough, the entire Fruit Bats catalog is stellar. I also have unforgettable moments from a road trip across the Southwest, driving through the mountain and desert landscapes while listening to The Ruminant Band.

3. Otis Redding | I've Been Loving You Too Long (Live At Monterey International Pop Festival 1967)
It's hard to pick just one Otis Redding song, but this live performance is easily the best I've ever heard. The emotions dripping out of his pores are contagious. Before he begins, he addresses the crowd and embraces Love in all of it's power and glory. This is the Love crowd, right? We all love each other, don't we?! He continues and hits us with a powerful break, complete with a Can we hit it one more time? bit that actual goes down four more times. Incredible performance, incredible song. I'm always in awe after hearing this one.

4. pow wow! | 23 19
Quiet Loudly had the pleasure of having pow wow! as our tour mates back in 2012 and they instantly became our best friends. It was such a pleasure to share a stage with them every night -- they're such a positive presence and all of their songs remain in my head to this very day... I'm sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that their record Don't Stop To Look is one of my favorite records of all time. This particular song displays Eddie Nazareno's exceptional and original vocal talents that I'm constantly caught singing along to. Full disclosure: After the tour, their drummer, Pat Sarabia, decided to make a move back home to the Philippines and I was honored to have been asked to step in and attempt to fill her enormous shoes. She's one of the best drummers I've ever had the pleasure of watching perform. It's a dream to be playing alongside the pow wow! boys and perform so many of the songs I love from their extensive back catalog, plus write new jams we're all really excited about.

5. Sega Genocide | Portrait Studio
Quick back story... Our friend and Sega Genocide frontman, Brian Crudwell, is so consistently forming incredible bands with perfect names as far back as I can remember. One of my favorites is Spooktober, and now there is Sega Genocide. They are the other band that is responsible for an out-of-body, super emotional Live show experience. When Quiet Loudly shared a bill with them in Columbus, Ohio, it was the last night of our tour and they were the final performance of the night. At that point, the show had gone well beyond midnight, but people were still partying and showing no sign of stopping. SG were spot on, had tons of energy, and were super tight. During Portrait Studio, I was pulled with another emotional tug when I had to bid farewell to a few tourmates from pow wow! who had to rush back to New York that night. Between the solid rockage and the emotions of an incredible tour having ended, I was overwhelmed. Sega Genocide was the perfect soundtrack.

6. Yellowbirds | Love Stories
One of my favorite contemporary songwriters of the moment, Sam Cohen, consistently delivers on some dreamy, Psychedelic Love songs. I've seen a ton of their live shows, all of which carry special memories ranging from a Quiet Loudly band outing to see them play down the block from our practice space, to their final, heart wrenching show at Baby's All Right. A beautiful surprise was an intimate performance I saw this past year called Alone And Together. Cohen was joined by Eric D. Johnson from Fruit Bats, Kevin Morby from Woods, and two old Yellowbirds bandmates holding up the rhythm section. They all accompanied each other on their songs, some special covers including a Bowie classic, and they spent a good chunk of the show covering each other's songs as well. I was nearly brought to tears when EDJ covered Love Stories.

7. Paul & Linda McCartney | Heart Of The Country
One of the longer tour drives I've done is a stretch between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We had been listening to iPods on shuffle for a while and I was looking forward to getting into the driver's seat (therefore claiming Stereo duties) and putting on a full album. McCartney's Ram is one of my favorite post-Beatles records (next to another Macca solo record McCartney and John Lennon's Mind Games). When Heart Of The Country came on, the Sun was just beginning to set and it was one of those picturesque moments where I was transported to a carefree life in a rural environment, living off the land, and surrounded by the ones I love.

8. Spirit Kid | Fool To Fall
Falling into the same category of van-jams that provided the perfect soundtrack to being on the road, the endlessly talented Emeen Zarookian of Spirit Kid provided us with a calm and beautiful moment while driving. Fool To Fall is actually a stand-out track from a SK EP. It's not like his traditional toxic 60s-style Pop songs from the rest of the Spirit Kid collection... Instead, this peaceful and sad Love song brings it down and really hits ya in the heart. It felt damn good.

9. Chris And Tad | When You're Dead
My favorite songwriter of all time is Chris Ballew from The Presidents Of The United States Of America. He's the reason why I'm playing Music today and he's written some of the best Pop songs ever, in my opinion. It doesn't hurt that he's also incredibly humble and a super nice dude. One of his many projects was called Chris And Tad with Young Fresh Fellows drummer, Tad Hutchinson. It may very well be my favorite side project of all, but there are so many that it's hard to say. There is a really funny call-and-response vocal part to this song that is super catchy and the lyrics are hilarious. Also a killer organ breakdown on this track that can't be beat.

10. The Giraffes | Congratulations In Advance
Here's another Chris Ballew ditty because he's the best. Right after The Presidents... disbanded, he put out a solo record under the moniker, The Giraffes. The records he's done as The Giraffes are really dark and spooky compared to the stuff he was doing with PUSA. The project slowly faded in the years to come as he began focusing on a bunch of other projects he was working on. Then, out of nowhere, he hit up a few super fans and shared a 33 track, previously unreleased double record he had resurrected. We were given the opportunity to hear it before anyone else and distribute it to the masses through whatever means necessary to get it out there. So many good songs in this collection, but this one has me skipping back to re-listen over and over.

+11. GunFight! | A Retail Job
I may or may not have gotten my hands on this currently unreleased record by GunFight! that is so damn good it hurts. So, let's not talk about that record and instead talk about the all encompassing talent of these guys. Their origins are in the dirty basements of Allston, Massachusetts, later moving to the now infamous McKibben lofts in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and continuing to mature and impress with some of the best Country Rock And Roll songs I've ever heard. They're also some of the best dudes I know. Quiet Loudly did a tour with them many years ago that I wish never ended. I'm dying for their follow-up to Frontier Land to see the light of day so that everyone could hear how good it is.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1556 | by Lisa van Viegen [iET]

1. Billie Holiday | Trav'lin' Light
Any song of Billie’s always takes me back to my childhood and memories of watching those old black and white movies with my father. Her voice moves me so much. The Tragedy and Sadness in her tone and her incredible timing is really unique. I listen to her Music a lot when I am at home.

2. Marvin Gaye | If I Should Die Tonight
I can’t really compile a list of my favourite songs without considering Marvin Gaye. His melodies are so unique and instantly recognisable. Needless to say that his voice is beautiful and his lyrics are still relatable... I am very much inspired by his sound and the whole Motown legacy!

3. Nick Mulvey | Cucurucu
I discovered Nick in 2014, I love his guitar work and songwriting, it’s all very natural and could never be accused of being over produced. His Music feels like the Music you would listen to during a storm. I absolutely love the part in this song where the bass and the drums come in... The rhythm and energy are so infectious!

4. Erykah Badu | Green Eyes
This song is really special to me. I remember listening to it over and over again and was so inspired by the sonics of the song, the incredible vocals and the lyrics... Just about everything in this song touched me! It was also what prompted me to look in the album booklet to see who was responsible for the amazing sound, and I read the name Russell "The Dragon" Elevado. Russell produced, recorded and mixed my album So Unreal.

5. D’Angelo | Spanish Joint
The sound of this song also blew me away. There’s just incredible timing from all the musicians. I love how everything fits together and each part compliments the other. One time we listened to it with Russell (who engineered it) and he told us about the studio session for D'Angelo's album. How much of a vibe there was in the studio, with all the musicians playing together and jamming and generally having a really good time!

6. Nikka Costa | Push & Pull
Budy Mokoginta (my musical partner) introduced me to Nikka's album and we listened to it a lot. I really like the combination of elements and mixture of styles, and the Darkness of the album. The laziness of the rhythm of this song is amazing, the bass and drums are a perfect match with the timing. Then at the 3 minute mark it takes you to another dimension, very Psychedelic!

7. Krystle Warren & The Faculty | A View From The Rooftop
Russell introduced me to Krystle’s Music. He just finished producing her album at the time that we met. He played this song for me in the studio and it just gave me goosebumps all over the first time that I listened to it. I love everything about it! The intro that slowly builds up... And then when the drums start and those incredible string arrangements come in, it’s just incredible. The production of the song is also really amazing, the feel and sound is so wonderful. Krystle’s voice is really unique and unmatched!

8. Little Dragon | Twice
I remember the first time I heard this song. We were driving home after a gig in the night and one of my band members gave me a CD of Little Dragon. He said I think you will really like her voice. I instantly loved the opening song called Twice, the bended vocals and timing are so beautiful alongside the wonderful piano and string arrangement.

9. Fiona Apple | Sullen Girl
I often have mixed feelings about Fiona Apple. Her voice can sound both unsettling and beautiful at the same time. Her madness really draws me in and her lyrics are amazing. The production is so dark and takes you away from your own reality. In the middle of the song, at 1:48, she sings this long tone and it is very out of tune. The first time I heard this I almost could not listen to it, however it somehow belongs in there and now I couldn't imagine the song without it!

10. Jeff Buckley | Lover, You Should've Come Over
+ Corpus Christi Carol... Jeff Buckley inspired me so much in my early days as a singer-songwriter. His guitar playing and singing feel like one entity to me. I love the Classical, melodic and contrast in his voice, and the Darkness, Melodrama and Rawness in his songs. For me, when I hear him sing, it feels like he is in another zone, he is losing himself in his Music!

WARMER MIXTAPES #1555 | by Morgan Enos [Other Houses]/(Hollow Sunshine) and Bryant Keith Bayhan [.paperman] of Hheaven

SIDE A | by Bryant Keith Bayhan

1. Devo | Girl U Want
Devo’s The Essentials was the first album I ever sat and listened to on my own. My first time hearing it, I played it on repeat all the way on a six hour car trip to my grandmother’s house in the desert and back again.

2. Sparklehorse | Painbirds
This beautiful song is distinctly Americana and sets the bar for what we should expect from our contemporary singer songwriters.

3. Pet Shop Boys | Being Boring
The most dreamy, honest, and sweet Pet Shop Boys single. The song demonstrates a level of Intimacy which not many bands with their history of Top 40 hits can match.

4. Prefab Sprout | The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll
The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll perfectly sums up the greatest songwriter of his generation’s views on Rock Music History. The song is also accompanied by perhaps the most obtuse Music video ever made.

5. Astrobrite | Please
Astrobrite’s album pinkshinyultrablast is the perfection of Shoegaze and Please strips all of the guitars away until there are just voices and the percussive thump of a thumb tapping a microphone.

6. Depeche Mode | Policy Of Truth
I can’t claim any other band has had a bigger impact on my Music than Depeche Mode and this is the first song of theirs my older sister played for me when I started to take an interest in Darkwave and Synthesizer lead Music in High School.

7. Cocteau Twins | Sugar Hiccup
If I could only pick one band to listen to forever, it would be Cocteau Twins. I like this song so much I made it my morning alarm for a few months when I was in my early teens… Which was a mistake, never use your favorite songs as alarms.

8. Arab Strap | Packs Of Three
I showed this album to my High School girlfriend one night because I thought it was beautiful, poignant and expressed heartbreak in a way that I was never able to understand; the next day, she told me over the phone that she had been cheating on me for months with one of my best friends. I listened to the album again that day with new sympathy.

9. New Order | Regret
I’ve listened much more to New Order than their previous band, Joy Division, and this song in particular is what got me into writing Dance Music.

10. Prince And The Revolution | Kiss
I spent last summer switching between listening to Prince and Brian Eno, and trying to combine the two has lead my songwriting ever since.

SIDE B | by Morgan Enos

1. Robert Wyatt | Sea Song 
Some of my favorite lyrics with a beautiful, unconventional melody. Yet, Wyatt takes it further and chooses to deadlock it into this pensive, almost nauseous groove for minutes at a time. The perspective is somewhere in the ballpark of Caroline, No, but cuts in a different way, with this gorgeous oceanic metaphor of undersea creatures that change, disappear, remain ungraspable. When you’re drunk, you’re terrific. A perfect song that moves me.

2. Freedy Johnston | Tearing Down This Place
I think a mark of Intelligence in a person is an ability to say I don’t know, instead of making up some bullshit. Because it can suck it up and plead Ignorance, Can You Fly is one of my favorite records. It’s realistic, and its characters are as befuddled and stumbling as we all are in real life. This song is about the hollowness of building an entire life, only to have to dismantle it and start over. I saw Freedy Johnston play at a bar in town, and it was weird. He covered Bennie And The Jets.

3. Dory Previn | Yada Yada La Scala
Previn is a hoot throughout her Mythical Kings And Iguanas LP, but this is the most irresistible cut to me - a razzing juke-joint ode to couples who talk, talk, talk, stressing and pontificating, laying down exaggerated stakes. I swear it’s relationship advice on par with Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and even crosses the finish line with a wink she’d be proud of - Talk to me in bed, where it matters.

4. Richard & Linda Thompson | Night Comes In
The songbook of Richard Thompson can be biting and hilarious, but we’re in a solemn, potent zone on Night Comes In. The lyrics are supposed to describe Thompson's initiation into the Sufi faith, but his lithe and lugubrious playing is what really tells the story.

5. Jon Brion | I Believe She’s Lying
I’ve never met Jon Brion, but I hear he’s like a wizard, with a childlike energy & enthusiasm. The drum programming in I Believe She’s Lying alone is a product of rarefied imagination.

6. Royal Trux | Stevie (For Steven S.)
I have no idea how or why this song is about Steven Seagal, but I love how a band that was once so Avant-Garde and ugly could have so much melody in them. This song could be on Steely Dan's Aja, and the dreamy coda takes me away.

7. Bill Fay | The Freedom To Read
I feel like an ungrateful little kid when I listen to Bill Fay’s Who Is The Sender?, which is like the earthbound counterpart of Alice Coltrane's ethereal Turiya Sings from a spiritual standpoint. This song is about William Tyndale, a historical figure of clear importance to Fay. He sings from a place of deep respect, and his sense of Humility and Debt for Tyndale’s efforts to bring the Bible to the layman is remarkable.

8. Drive-By Truckers | A Ghost To Most
Mike Cooley’s been cagey about the meaning of this song — his explanations have ranged from Hurricane Katrina to Halloween decorations to the struggles of finding a suit that fits him right, but this song is about Mortality, Identity and Human Leadership in a way that piques my Existential Curiosity. Amazing.

9. Alice Coltrane | Jai Ramachandra
The Dignity, Grace, and Yearning of Turiya Sings is second-to-none, and I have no idea how Coltrane made it, beyond the fact it was recorded in an ashram. When we die, we’ll all end up in a starry, Cosmic Womb of Deep Violet.

10. Sparks | The Number One Song In Heaven
Nothing beats the phenomenal arrogance of this meta-contextual joke. If this is the number one song in Heaven, why are you hearing it now? Because, really, Heaven is here on Earth. And The Music sounds so blissful, and deeply exciting. We might have the #1 song in Morro Bay, if we’re lucky. They’ve got us beat, man.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1554 | by Courtenay Henderson [Fullee Love] of Jurassic 5

1. The Mamas & The Papas | Once Was A Time I Thought
I first heard this song from a DJ, and what caught my attention the most was the way the cadence just took off! I mean, I couldn't believe that these corny-looking cats had so much style and flavor in 1966 like that! I wanna let chu know that this is just 0:58, so Time was not the issue. The wordplay and the tones are just magical, and for the longest I've been wanting to do something similar, but to no luck. You know I could just jack 'em, right? Isn't that one of the 48 Laws of Power? Take their shit and lick your tongue out at 'em after. I think so, I'ma check. But until then, this is definitely one of my favorite joints. Mama Cass and company did their thing on this one!

2. O.V. Wright | Medley: God Blessed Our Love - When A Man Loves A Woman - That's How Strong My Love Is
This song (if you wanna call it that) is 12:50 long, and being a young kid wanting to hang with my father and his friends, playing dominos, listening to grown folk talk (that's the correct way of saying it) and being that fly on the wall for what was to be my first lessons in talking shit, dancing slow, and what it takes to become a good bullshitter, LOL. This song was my ticket in. Not only did it give me enough time to make my father smile, it also gave me a nice little candy nest egg that came in handy once we got back home. Now I don't know who was more surprised — me, ’cause they were actually letting me sing this for them, or them, being that a 7-year-old kid knew who the hell O.V. Wright was and was singing his shit! This song is the perfect combination of Soul, Love and Heartache. To hear him put so much of himself into this was just... Church! The way he intertwined Storytelling and song within the same lines was just beautiful and can never be duplicated.

3. Big Daddy Kane | Raw
Ahhh, man! My intro to Kane wasn't even this song; it was a joint called Get Into It that was soooo dope, it sparked my interest right away, but the one that would follow made me a lifelong fan: RAW! When you have a song that starts off with Here I am... R.A.W... A terrorist, here to bring trouble to, I mean, whatever comes next is just icing on the cake. And who knew that that song would eventually lead me to doing a actual song with such a legend. Big Daddy Kane made it cool to have a darker shade and still have the ladies loving you. Kane was everything smooth and 100% B-Boy, and, with a joint like Raw to get the party started, nothing was better. Long live the Kane!

4. De la Soul | Buddy (Native Tongue Decision) (feat. The Jungle Brothers, Monie Love, Q-Tip, Queen Latifah)
I remember being in High School, trying my hardest to understand what Buddy actually meant, LOL. That was really a topic. De La changed the game when they stepped in. If you're not old enough to know, trust me, they were ahead AND right on time. The words they used ushered in a brand new way of Speech, Dress and B-Boyism, and Buddy was the anthem. The original on the record was dope, but when they reloaded with the remix with the rest of the Native Tongue... DONE! The year, to be exact: 1989!

5. Otis Redding | Gone Again
Now for me there's no one like Otis Redding. It's literally between him and Al Green when I think of favorites (for me). My father is the sole reason for me knowing Otis, Ray Charles, Al Green, James Brown and Stevie Wonder. To hear Otis sing this song is outta body. If you know ANYTHING about him, just remember he was only 26 when he died, so to leave a mark like that on The World is just clear proof Otis was The Truth. Gone Again makes it cool to pour your heart out, while not seeming like a sucka at the same time, which is hard to do. 'Cause I've poured my heart out a many day, had transfusions, repoured and still nothing! Now I'm sad. Otis, you da man!

6. Run-D.M.C. | Sucker M.C.'s (Krush Groove 1)
Once again, thanks to my pops, LOL. He brought me this record. Now how did he know that, just a few days before, I heard this very same record on the radio and couldn't for the life of me remember the name (I couldn't tell ya). So the story goes: My father was a street runner (meaning) like to club and whatnot. So he goes to his spot, where obviously it goes down, and he told me, there was this giveaway and he decided to buy a ticket. Now he didn't win the big prize, but instead he won a 12-inch... So the next morning when I wake up, I usually after his late-night missions go and check on him... And when I realized he was cool, I turn and look to see this profile record on the dresser. I look at it like, What's this bullshit? and lo and behold I see Run-D.M.C.! I immediately go to the record player, LOL (this was in the early 80's, y'all, we didn't call ’em turntables yet!), throw it on and hear, Two years ago, a friend of mines… I was like, No f#%* way!... This old ass (that's what I thought, I didn't say it out loud though)... I was like, How did this cat know to bring this record home? So when he woke up, I said, Pops, how did you know about this record? He was like, That name looked like something you dumb kids would like, so I brought it to yo dumb ass. I'm like, THANKS, POPS! Maaan, I love that dude.

7. The Jackson 5 | Dancing Machine
There wasn’t a black kid in da WORLD that didn't know or LOVE this song! I don't care how smart, dumb, ugly, cute, fat, or skinny you were. This song here! No, I'm saying, THIS SONG HERE was the dancer’s dream and a singer’s Simon Cowell moment, ’cause you wasn't sounding this damn good! People, when I tell y'all... In the early to mid-70's this was the Uptown Funk of all Uptown Funks. Nothing made you wanna get on the good foot quicker than this cut right here. I ALMOST got an ASS whuppin’ (when they were still legal) for dancing to this song. The story goes as such: The Jackson 5 had a variety show at one time (YouTube it), which I just couldn't miss, and my father (this dude) tells me that, if I keep jumping up and dancing in front of the TV, he was gonna give me a beat I couldn't refuse. So of course I sat down, but, the minute they decided to perform Dancing Machine, I totally forgot about what pops said and jumped up doing the DO! Then I caught myself and my mother just fell out laughing, pops looks at me and says, Hell, if the boy is willing to take an ass-whuppin’ for Dancing Machine, shit, let him dance. And THAT'S why Dancing Machine is the ONLY record I'm willing to get my ass kicked for! MIKE JACK, BABY!

8. Prince | Head
OK, now let me say this: I love Prince, no question. There's absolutely nothing I can or will say bad about Prince. He was my guru in the World of Freak! The year 1980 was the first time I'd ever heard the word head used like that! Now of course I heard it used as a term of endearment: Witcho big-headed ass, or Yo head is so big, things like that, you know, the nice way. But to hear it in a way that could not only get chu in trouble, but could also be the start of how you did or didn't get here, either way I wanted both! The actual record and the actual... Well, you know. Anyhow, the song itself was a total awakening for what was to come from him. This was pushing the bar even farther than Soft And Wet, another dirty guru favorite from the previous album. Once I was older, I no longer had to sneak to enjoy this song, AND the other part of the story is… I was able to experience that meaning as well. But I did have to sneak sometimes.

9. Public Enemy | Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos 
Tell me that name doesn't say it all. Sounds like The Revolution is about to kick off and will not be televised fo sho. This song is the epitome of Revolution. Chuck D's writing is just outta this world! I saw the whole 6:23 live and in living color; there should be a law against writing something so vivid. I often wondered what made him come up with this: I got a letter from the government, the other day... I opened and read it... It said they were suckaz, LOL. I mean. Get the hell outta here! Whatever is said after that point is all added flavoring. Don't get me wrong, I heard every lyric, but to say they were suckaz, I'm done. For me, Public Enemy was the Muhammad Ali of the Rap game. Fast, deadly, pretty, and can't possibly be beat, they shook up The World and there's been no one since who made you move and think at the same damn time! That's an Art form, not just a bunch of niggaz yelling 'cause you think it's cool. PE will always go down as one of my favorite artists and this song is the reason why. Boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

10. Al Green | One Of These Good Old Days
For me, Al Green leads me straight to my grandmother's house and the turkey baster. Turkey baster? you might ask. Well, that was strictly called using our resources. The baster not only helped the food taste good, but it also had me sounding better when it came time to start singing for the party. That was my MIC! And those definitely were the good old days. Al Green would put my family in the type of mood where a song like One Of These Good Old Days only opened them up to take you down memory lane. Al had a way of singing like he was haunting the heart, like he was the last man on Earth, and, if you didn't know who to choose, you only really had one option, LOL. My grandmother has since passed on. She lived to be 89 years old, and if she was here, three things would have to take place: 1. Her beer, 2. Her betting on the horses, and 3. You guessed it… Me, her turkey baster, and the ever so flawless Al Green! Love you, grandma.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1553 | by Jordan Mark Witzigreuter [The Ready Set]

1. Copeland | Take Care
I remember hearing this song when I was 15 and thinking that the style of singing was so cool, drifting in and out of falsetto. That was a huge influence on me to start singing.

2. Saves The Day | Nightingale
I grew up on Punk Rock and Hardcore, which obviously doesn't show in my Music at all, but this song in particular bridged the gap for me over to more Pop-oriented stuff without conventional Pop lyrics. A lot of this whole album is pretty heavy lyrically, but it sounds really melodic and bright. I love that sort of thing.

3. Kanye West | Good Life (feat. T-Pain)
This was sort of early when the whole Auto Tune craze was taking hold and I was obsessed with it. I heard the production and was so into this song because it sounded so Electronic and bright and that was really new for the time. Graduation as an album was my first Hip Hop album that I remember really loving, and so much of it has to do with the production and the sounds. Good Life is definitely my favorite on the album.

4. Mr Hudson | There Will Be Tears
Minimal sounding stuff is always a huge inspiration for me. I love when I hear a song that has very little actually happening in the track, but it still sounds full and rich. The melodies in this are super Melancholy and pretty. I always gravitate towards writing those sort of tunes.

5. The Long Winters | Cinnamon 
I remember listening to this song when I was probably 14 years old before I would leave for School in the morning. The lyrics are so descriptive and interesting. It's the type of song you can find 10 different meanings to, and I love that. Being able to apply myself personally to songs I love has always made me connect with them, and that's sort of why I don't always like to talk about what my own songs are about. I want other people to be able to make the song their own.

6. Imogen Heap | Goodnight And Go
This whole Imogen Heap album is really impressive to me, knowing she did all of it on her own. That was a huge inspiration and that mentality of wanting to make something awesome on my own stuck with me.

7. City And Colour | Hello, I'm In Delaware
This song played a lot in the van on my first tour I ever did. It's a very sad song about being away from home and from loved ones, but something about it was comforting to me in the early days of constant travel.

8. The Lawrence Arms | The Raw And Searing Flesh
Some of my favorite lyrics. Really cool song, and the album is as well. Still makes my top 10 list of favorites for sure.

9. Deas Vail | Shoreline
I love slow piano songs, and the ending of this has one of those very haunting melodies that sticks with me.

10. Toto | Africa
I can't figure out what it is about this song. I think I remember somebody showing it to me a long time ago and thinking the Tropical sounds in it were odd, but now I find myself heavily influenced by that sort of 80's, almost Caribbean vibe. It's like an accidental influence that got me into all the rest of their stuff, which is all incredibly well written Pop Music. This era had some really timeless stuff coming out during it, and when you start to apply that style to modern songs that fact becomes even more evident.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1552 | by Robby Fitzpatrick, Finneas O’Connell, David Marinelli and Darius Dudley II of The Slightlys

SIDE A | by Finneas O’Connell

1. LANY | BRB 
I feel like I relate to everything LANY puts out, but I especially relate to this gem. Awesome melodies, lyrics and vibe.

2. The Wombats | Greek Tragedy 
The bass and distorted drums in this song are SO GNARLY. I also love the pre-chorus lyrics and the soaring synth in the intro.

3. Noah Gundersen | First Defeat 
THESE LYRICS ARE SO GOOD. And the melody is beautiful. A truly honest and emotionally delivered pieced of Art.

4. Jon Bellion | Jim Morrison
This drum beat is so gnarly and I love how referential he gets with all the artists and icons he references. This dude is gonna take over The World.

5. The Neighbourhood | Ferrari 
The bass in the chorus of this song is DISTURBING. I love that line you're LA and I'm Newbury Park too. That's so great especially if you know the backstory of the band.

6. Father John Misty | Holy Shit 
I love every single thing about this song. This song is even better live. All hail Father John Misty.

7. Shovels And Rope | Birmingham 
Been a fan of theirs for a couple years now... Such a great sound. I love how DIY it is. This song was originally called The Ballad Of Shovels And Rope, since it's sort of about their whole lives.

8. The 1975 | If I Believe You
The chorus harmonies in this song are SO LIT. Sounds like a Gospel choir, which is endlessly ironic and poignant, considering this song's meaning. Amazing band.

9. Sir Sly | Found You Out 
The whole album is amazing, but this song in particular is special to me. Incredibly heartbreaking lyrics melded with synth drums and Acoustic guitar. My table didn't need a Judas, your pride turned you into Brutus... is such a GREAT LINE.

10. Panic! At The Disco | Death Of A Bachelor 
Sinatra meets 808 heart stopping euphoria. Ugh, I love this song SO MUCH. Dude has PIPESSSS.

SIDE B | by Darius Dudley II

1. Pink Floyd | Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
This song is a classic and I heard it constantly from my Dad playing it in his car. I love the beats and how engaged the band is with everyone participating in the production.

2. Oingo Boingo | Dead Man's Party 
Another song played by my dad during my early years of childhood. The beats and skins made by this group in this piece blew my mind at the time and still does. The dancy beat off this song makes one truly feel like they are at a party. It's also interesting to note my former drum teacher had played with this group as well for a time.

3. Crush 40 | Live And Learn (Sonic Adventure 2 Original Soundtrack)
One of my favorite video game theme classics from Sonic The Hedgehog. It inspires a heroic feeling in the listener and is a great way to feel like you've got a big power boost from hearing it. At least to me.

4. Crush 40 | His World (Ali Tabatabaee & Matty Lewis Cover) (from Sonic The Hedgehog Vocal Traxx: Several Wills) (Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Original Soundtrack)
The beginning of this song is one of my favorite openings and the beat that follows and goes through the whole song is also one of my favorites. How the band blend in with one another, playing off of each other, is fantastic.

5. Tears For Fears | Everybody Wants To Rule The World
My all time favorite song because of the Ambient sounds throughout the song. The flat key melody the song delves into nearly puts me to tears.

6. Estelle | Stronger Than You (with Rebecca Sugar) (Steven Universe Original Soundtrack)
A great tune from a great show. It's empowering and quite the dancy song, filled with awesome lyrics and fantastic melody.

7. Bad Suns | Sleep Paralysis 
The production on this song is great, with the big bass guitar riff at the bridge to the end being my favorite part.

8. Martin O'Donnell And Michael Salvatori | Halo (Halo Original Soundtrack)
The song has no lyrics, but it's an awesome tune to go with an awesome game; well-crafted, featuring a string ensemble and great rhythm. Gives you a sense of the fight you're finishing when playing the game.

9. Panic! At The Disco | Victorious
Loved the chorus of voices in the song and chants with those voices. The beat is something to headbang to as well.

10. LB (Remix Factory) | Dreams Of An Absolution (from Sonic The Hedgehog Vocal Traxx: Several Wills) (Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Original Soundtrack)
It's a fantastic mix of sounds and singing and ambiance. I loved the key it is in and the production and beats are nice to groove to.

SIDE C | by David Marinelli

1. Hippo Campus | South 
I love the type of boom, kaka, boom ka that goes into a lot of Indie Music like this song. I dig.

2. The 1975 | A Change Of Heart 
I really love all of the throwback sounds on this whole record! The super drum machine-y drum machine is something that really appeals to me and is actually making some headway in some upcoming Slightlys Music!

3. Thrice | Anthology  
As a drummer, how can I not love those huge drums on the chorus? Love Thrice.

4. The Neighbourhood | Prey 
I love the groove in this track. Really tastefully done ghost notes from the drummer to accompany the guitar part in the verse.

5. twenty one pilots | House Of Gold 
I'm a sucker for these guys and I'm a sucker for stompy-clappy songs. That's another thing that you can expect to hear in upcoming Slightlys tunes!

6. Shakey Graves | Pansy Waltz 
Love, love, love this dude! He's amazing. It's hard to pick a specific song or even a specific thing that I like about him. All I can say is that this song is amazing and his live videos account for a significant portion of my Internet usage.

7. The Front Bottoms | Twin Sized Mattress 
Robby and I are super dedicated fans of these dudes. Their Music, to me, has a lot of anthemic parts that you can feel yourself singing along to before you even know the lyrics.

8. Mt. Wolf | Anacrusis
I saw this band a while ago and they really blew my mind. I love their lyrical, yet Ambient style. It feels instrumental even though there are vocals, which is something I really find interesting about them.

9. Bad Suns | Twenty Years 
Definitely my favorite Bad Suns track. Every instrument has a really interesting, conducive part and the resulting groove is something that is something that's really unique and impressive.

10. NoMBe | Miss Mirage 
Had this track on repeat for a couple weeks. I love how every part of the song is different and interesting, especially the drum break going into the second chorus.

SIDE D | by Robby Fitzpatrick

1. Jon Bellion | Simple And Sweet 
Jon Bellion writes some of the most energetic, up-beat songs, and listening to him reminds me of why I love to play Music.

2. Tove Lo | Moments 
I just love how Tove Lo's lyrics aren't necessarily the prettiest or the nicest, but still find ways to be charming.

3. Panic! At The Disco | Don't Threaten Me With A Good Time 
The only thing better than Rock Lobster is Rock Lobster morphed with a gigantic chorus.

4. Anberlin | Armageddon  
R.I.P. Anberlin.

5. The Front Bottoms | Summer Shandy  
Front Bottoms lyrics are crazy and unpredictable, and their songs are so damn fun while still being able to bum you out if you think too hard about them.

6. Halsey | Roman Holiday 
Cool song from a cool record, that's pretty much it.

7. This Wild Life | History  
I need a sad Acoustic song on here, and it doesn't get much sadder or more Acoustic than this song. And I just love This Wild Life.

8. Weezer | Thank God For Girls 
Always a sucker for quirky lyrics, and Weezer never disappoints with those.

9. Arctic Monkeys | Arabella
This song is huge, and I actually heard it by accident, but that didn't stop it and the rest of AM from engulfing my life.

10. Miike Snow | Genghis Khan 
I get a little bit Genghis Khan, don't want you to get it on with nobody else but me. What a fricken great line. 10/10.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1551 | by Cezar Roman [Spherus]

1. Photek | Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu (Two Swords Technique)
This is it, this is where the journey has started, it was the first Drum & Bass record I've ever heard. I was amazed, astonished, you name it... Since that moment I knew I would fall in Love with this genre. Probably one of Photek's best works ever made, this is what Drum & Bass should be about.

2. DJ Teebee | Guilty
I love all of Teebee's work. It's just that this track stands out the most, from the Sasha's Xpander sample to the rolling sub and the tight drum break... It's also quite different from his usual Grimier stuff, very euphoric. Definitely my favorite record from him.

3. Smith & Pledger pres. Aspekt | Hi-Jack (Instrumental Mix)
Before Drum & Bass, Trance was my first love and the saying goes you never forget your first love. I first heard this masterpiece in Tiƫsto's In Search Of Sunrise 5: Los Angeles and right after I had it on repeat for like one month. I was going to sleep and waking up with it in my mind. I was and still am truly in love with this track.

4. The Beatles | All My Loving
My mother always played their records around the house, so I basically grew up on them. All My Loving is a personal favourite of mine.

5. David Bowie | Space Oddity
I really can't describe in words my love and appreciation for David and this track particulary. It's just perfect.

6. Orjan | Prison Break
It's a shame I just discovered this track only six years ago. The riff is purely amazing, I could listen to this all day long.

7. Noisia | The Distance
Monster EP was released in 2005 on TeeBee's Subtitles imprint. The EP itself it's worth the money, but The Distance really stands out. Very atmospheric, different from Noisia's usual stuff.

8. BC | 4 Days
Fresh, dBridge, Maldini & Vegas put their mark on Techstep in early 2000's, they practically (re)invented it. Sure, there are The Nine, Planet Dust and other anthems from them, but this in particular caught my attention. Bad Company UK were the best Jungle collective, no doubt in that.

9. Brain Killers | Screwface
My cousin was into Jungle and Drum & Bass since mid 90's. He showed me this record a couple of years ago and I fell in love with it since then. The Winston Scotland's Butter Cup sample does it for me.

10. Origin Unknown | Valley Of The Shadows
Alright, I saved it for the last. Possibly the most famous Jungle/Drum & Bass tune of all time, 1993 was not ready for it. Andy was only 17 years old when he produced the track. The 2:24 pad gives me goosebumps every time. It's a classic and an anthem at the same time.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1550 | by Gabrielle Current

1. Little Dragon | Sunshine
Soaked in some magic, come across to transform my every loss. Little Dragon ALWAYS inspires me with their pulsating synths and incomparable vocals. This is my happy song.

2. Majid Jordan | King City
You’re so damn special. But you’re driving me wild. I recently found this song and remember first playing it on repeat for hours on end, constantly getting chills. Super sexy melody, beat, and breathy vocals. I love everything about the track.

3. Hiatus Kaiyote | Nakamarra
Opening our hearts and nurturing our minds to shine... My sister introduced me to this feel-good track. I was immediately attracted to the Jazz-Funk-Soul sound. The verses are dynamic and busy, while the chorus is straightforward and simply beautiful. In my opinion, the most endearing Love song.

4. Drake | Over My Dead Body
Jealousy is just Love & Hate at the same time. Woooow. Classic & cool. Although this is predominately a Hip Hop track, I will always admire the piano driven melody and touches of R&B. Lowkey, this is my go-to song to sing in the car.

5. Amy Winehouse | The Girl From Ipanema (Pery Ribeiro's 'Garota De Ipanema' Cover)
Hands down my favorite vocalist. Ever. This song is an instant mood boost & makes me feel like I’m driving in a convertible in the South of France. I appreciate Music that can mentally take you to another place. R.I.P. to The Queen who never fails to illuminate lives of musicians to this day.

6. Ta-ku | Love Again (feat. JMSN & Sango)
Ta-ku = FEELS. The chord progression + extremely soulful vocals make this my favorite lighthearted groove/Electronic ballad. You can always find me singing the chorus at the top of my lungs.

7. Ella Henderson | Ghost (Oliver Nelson Remix)
This is the very first track that intensely inspired me to create Electronic Pop Music with vocal samples. This song is so groovy, I’m always dancing to it.

8. Mocki | Weekend (Jai Wolf Remix)
Jai Wolf's rework has so much more drive and energy. I always blast this when good company is around. More than anything, I love how animated and dancey this song makes you feel.

40 million in California. No one cares if I stay. LANY knows how to write everything you don’t know how to say. Effortless lyrics & beats that drive the piece flawlessly.

10. Blood Orange | It Is What It Is 
Bouncy, yet, at the same time, I always feel like I’m listening in slow motion. Can we talk about that chorus though...