WARMER MIXTAPES #1442 | by Uge Pañeda and Ana Quiroga of LCC

Photos by Irma Collín

SIDE A | by Ana Quiroga

1. Nine Inch Nails | Reptile
NIN have it all. They're deep, aggressive, peaceful, sexual, Dark, Light, strong and warm. They are my favourite band without any doubts. I listened to NIN for the first time in my teenage years, but I needed some time (maybe more than a year) to understand and travel across Reznor's sounds. Reptile was one of those songs that I didn't like at the beginning. Now, I love it!!

2. Hans Zimmer | Time (Inception Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Oh, this song is sooo beautiful! I like his soundtracks. He can be very, very powerful, epical, melancholic... This song is a beautiful travel across a lot of feelings. It can make you fly. I specially love the guitar, the percussions and, of course, the winds! He is a master!!

3. ISAN | Cathart
This is my favourite song by ISAN. It sounds really sweet and always makes me smile. I think when you are in Love, your heart sounds as this song! I remember a colleague sent me the song. I think I played it all the months of my life since then. Yes, I'm a romantic...

4. Locust | Just Want You
I like very much Locust. Especially this song. It's a bit mad and seductive at the same time. Not always for all the moments. I usually need different kinds of Music depending on my mood. This song is perfect to walk by the street or to drive on a rainy day or at night. Sounds to me as the Night.

5. Architectural | Witches' Dance
Architectural is also from Asturias, where we are from. His sounds are dark, immersive and deep. This song is just great!!! It's quite new, but I feel it has been always with me! Reminds me of these Tribal sounds that are inside all of us. And also tastes as the Night. Night is Magical to listen to Music. Everything sounds different at Night.

6. Darkstar | Deadness
I remember perfectly the first time I saw Darkstar on a live show. I fell in Love! They made a beautiful first album. Also love the second, but the first was magical for me. They sound as from other time. Reminds me of Twin Peaks soundtrack.

7. James Holden | Blackpool Late Eighties
This is one of my favourite songs ever! Makes me feel so good! It's hypnotic, a lysergic trip of sounds.

8. Depeche Mode | Personal Jesus
I always love bands that mix Electronic and Rock Music. Depeche Mode is one of the best bands doing this. I think this kind of Music was my real approach to Electronic, even more through other danceable bands that I listened to a lot in my teenage years as The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy. This is a great song! David Gahan has a sensational voice and mix perfectly with the rhythms and the synths. Love it.

9. Soap&Skin | Voyage Voyage (Desireless' 'Voyage, Voyage' Cover)
Anja Plaschg is a great artist. So young and so powerful! Her voice and her piano melodies accompanied by those dramatic ambients. And on a live show she increases moreover! I love all her work, both of us actually. This song is a beautiful cover of the original Voyage, Voyage, more dramatic and intense.

10. PJ Harvey | On Battleship Hill
Well, we could say PJ Harvey is our Musical Guide. We've only one poster at the studio and is from her. Cause PJ has been with us since her first album until the last. We love her voice, her lyrics, her sounds. We've growing up with her, sharing all of our life experience through her albums, from the most hard to the most sweet. Despite liking all her songs, Let England Shake is for me, and I know also for Uge, the most magical, beautiful and sensitive. And this song is just one of all of them, able to make you fly, able to make you cry and smile at the same time. Thanks, Polly Jean.

SIDE B | by Uge Pañeda

1. Andy Stott | Posers
Andy Stott is one of my favourite producers. I love his dirty sounds. He can transmit primitive forces, really strong and also danceable.

2. Polar Inertia | Antimatter
The hypnotic sound of this song brings me to a Trance and Concentration state. I like to listen to it when my brain is working a lot.

3. Eliane Radigue | Jetsun Mila (1)
+ (2)... Eliane Radigue is a guide for me. The delicate and progressive growth of this song it's involving. When I listen to her I feel the same as when I listen to Tim Hecker. I start in one point and without realizing it I go to another completely different.

4. Léo Delibes | Lakmé: Flower Duet (Performed by Anna Netrebko & Elina Garanca with Southwest German Radio Symphony Orchestra; Conductor: Marco Armiliato)
This song from the Lakmé Opera is immense and beautiful. I like listening to Opera when I go round and round at home, singing when no one is watching!

5. Jeff Buckley | Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)
A sad lost... And so mysterious... I can't leave this song out of this mixtape. I listened to it many, many times during my life. It carries me to a melancholic mood that I always love to feel.

6. Ryoichi Kurokawa | Sirens (from the AV Work - Novi_sad + Ryoichi Kurokawa)
Currently, Ryoichi is one of my favourite Audiovisual artists, without doubts. This work is a masterpiece.

7. The Sugarcubes | Vitamin
I heard The Sugarcubes for the first time when I was 17. Through them it started my curiosity to discover Iceland. A Magic Place where Ice and Fire Coexist in Harmony. So addictive for me! So much so that in 2002 I decided go there and lived in Iceland for some years.

8. Angelo Badalamenti | Twin Peaks Theme (Twin Peaks Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I grew up with Twin Peaks. For one hand, there is the story, an awesome atmosphere which Lynch created. And, for the other hand, The Music. Both inseparables, really magnetic.

9. Emptyset | Gate 3
Emptyset have found the perfect way to make you dance through dry sounds. I really love this kind of Electronic Music which brings me to my primitive essence.

10. PJ Harvey | In The Dark Places
PJ is the Attitude and the Woman! Everytime I listen to this song it moves me, it touches me directly to the heart. Love you, PJ.

Photo by Arild Danielsen

1. Knights Of The Turntables | Techno Scratch (12" US Import)
I was working in a record store from quite early on. Must have been around 83, an Englishman had this beautiful store in Grimstad, near my hometown of Kristiansand and was importing mainly 12-inch singles from the US and UK, primarily for the growing DJ market and distributing all over Norway. My interest around that time was Electro/Post Disco and remembering my first payment for delivering mail to the local post office was a 12-inch Techno Scratch by Knights Of The Turntables - who later formed Arrested Development. I used to fall into sleep listening to the import charts on Radio Lux presented by Benny Brown and Tony Prince, recording on the Boombox nicked from my sister's bedroom, and listening back to last night program before going to School in the morning.

2. David Joseph | You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me) (Original 7" Version)
Larry Levan did a remix of this one, but it's the original version that caught my ear. Released in '83 as a solo attempt from a young English Black musician, former of the English Boogie scene and the band Hi-Tension. I used to love this stuff and whenever traveling as a young football player, to Amsterdam and Belgium, I used to look sideways on the bus just to remember where the record stores were, so that I could return to the same spot when the bus finally arrived. Extra T's - E.T. Boogie, Extra's - Haven't Been Funked Enough, Central Line all were my own discoveries as a 14 year old kid. It was the escapism in this Post Disco/Early Electro Music that caught my attention. It was as if I didn't understand how the Music was built up - so, in a way, it was more abstract to me than the Music where it was clear what the instrumentation was (guitar, el bass, piano, drum kit, etc.).

3. The Clash | Magnificent Seven (7" Single Version)
In Primary School, a boy who's father had married a Norwegian woman started in our class. A Punk Rocker from South London and introduced me to things like Anti-Nowhere League, Crass, Sex Pistols and so on. But it was The Clash that caught my ear with the hybrid of Punk/Disco/Funk. Radio Clash was another one, and the graffiti artist, later involved with the Mo Wax releases - Futura 2000 - produced by The Clash. I always thought Joe Strummer had a beautiful voice. Always out of tune and sounding like he'd been shouting, screaming, whiskey drinking, drugged and dragged from Hell and back. But believing every line his voice sang.

4. David Sylvian | Weathered Wall
1984, Adolescence. Red Guitar was the initial warning. Then came the full album that was to turn my life around. I wasn't into Japan, not because of dislike, but because it was out of reach, I was never exposed to the band really. Brilliant Trees came at a time where I needed something that expressed my own emotional state of mind. It was Childhood ending. I never knew that 20 odd years later I would be working alongside some of these people. Funny enough, what in retrospect is clear to me is that I've always loved the sound of something that is out of the ordinary. I guess my role as both producer and performer is to find a way that leads to unexpected places. Listening to Brilliant Trees, it was all about combinations of different textures, the combination of different patterns. The symbioses of different parts was the key to the balance that gave place to me as a listener and my own emotional response.

5. Jon Hassell/Brian Eno | Ba-Benzélé
Although released in '84, I was confronted with this wonderful album after Sylvian's debut album. Inspired by Ba-Benzélé pygmies Nature recordings (woman gathering mushrooms), turning the cicadas into shimmering synth, the vocal call/response into trumpet loops, the tape loops of both percussion and bass line with the same starting point, but slowly going out of sync for obvious reasons (the tape size of the bass line and of the percussion was uneven). At the time I couldn't figure out how on Earth this was done - I have never been into counting bars, but the way this was done, it was somehow out of my understanding. It was out of sync - unlocked, but at the same time Funky as Bootsy. Later, when having a long breakfast with both Brian and Jon after yesterday's performance at Queen Elisabeth Hall at the Southbank, when asking them both How did you do it?... They looked at each other and responding in perfect synchrony: I have no idea. However, as they explained, it was tape loops all over the place, running from the control room out in the hall, into the studio - around the mic stands, engineers holding forks and back again to the tape machine. Jon always said that it was the charm piece that he played to Pran Nath - his vocal teacher of the Indian Kiruna style who was central amongst the new generation of composers like Riley, Young, Reich - that was the turning point for him as a composer. The acceptance of the master saying this works well.

6. Stevie Wonder | Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)
Renault 12, sitting in the backseat driving to the sea with floating Madrases singing harmonies to Motown. This piece reminds me of my brother and sister and that whole 70's feeling of Childhood never ending. Playing football, chewing gum, drinking Coke, ice cream and sweets for Saturday nights long before traveling alone, airport lounges, early morning flights, sound checks.

7. Johannes Brahms | Intermezzo In B-Flat Minor, Op. 117, No. 2 (Played by Glenn Gould)
Summertime, the sound of swallows flying low outside my garden facing bedroom and the sound of my mother playing the Brahms B-Flat Minor Opus 117 #2. It was the combination of the different elements I could clearly hear. Must have been very young, but it still is a clear memory from my own Childhood.

8. Sidsel Endresen | Dreamland
One of the most beautiful songs of the area written by Jon Balke and was Sidsel's debut album for Manfred Eicher's ECM label which she later abandoned and would later find a home outside in search for what has become a totally personal style, wordless, based on pitch, timbre, texture, rhythm.

9. Bootsy's Rubber Band | Jam Fan (Hot)
Cut outs, the cargo of Black American Disco and Funk albums that record stores could sell cheap and still make a buck. I didn't discover Jimi Hendrix, I got it through Eddie Hazel, Clinton and Collins. The mothership of Astro Funk had landed on my record player. The track where a young Talking Head got his multi-million hit was initially taken from this piece of plastic singing Burning, burning, burning, burning, burning down the house... Hot!... Burning down the charts... Blow dry me, baby!... You want me to be cool, but I'm not... And the backing singers goes you need a fan...

10. Arve Henriksen | Sorrow And Its Opposite
Something with the way this track lived with me and tortured everyone in my family and immediate surroundings for everyday in three months. I was asked by a former teacher of mine to make a new version of his catalogue. I brought my dictaphone and went to his office where he went through several pieces. I noted two candidates for my own interpretation and in the end came down to a singular piece that had especially caught my attention. Recording the melody, softly played on his piano so that the dictaphone could capture it with its specific way of compressing the signal - I returned to my studio at the half island and started working. Because of the piece being a religious psalm, and my connection with the composer from my Childhood around the Church, I decided to only use religious sample material. So my search led me to all the second hand stores in town. I noticed that there was an ocean of material lying around as none of the vinyl collectors seems to care for Christian Low/High Religious Music, except for the odd Rodney Franklin or Andrea Crouch recordings. With a good unheard selection in my bag, I started building from scratch creating harmony, textures, noises, melodic fragments into a tapestry of small deposits. I invited Anne Marie Almedal into the session to do a vocal version of the piece, but somehow, maybe because of the existing lyrics within the piece, I couldn't make it work for myself. I returned to my long time collaborator and friend Arve Henriksen asking if he would contribute to the piece by a trumpet overdub. Arve's ability to just walk into a session, unprepared to just feed off the energy without even listening to the piece before recording - has resulted in some of his best work, at least in my book. So, instead of following the original melody, Arve just followed and responded to the different elements in my arrangement, dubbing the 50's American Mormon choir, or the string sample from a Swedish Christian record and then returning to the melody, all in one take, just by responding and being the true master of his instrument that he is.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1440 | by Günter Schlienz [Guenter Schlienz] of K-Gruppe & navel

1. My Bloody Valentine | To Here Knows When
Sometimes, in my experience this happens very rarely, you hear some new sounds and you think that you knew this already, you have a feeling that you are born with this, like if the knowledge of those vibrations are encoded somewhere in your DNA. Someday in the early 90s a friend of mine gave me a mixtape. Don't know now what else was recorded onto this tape, but I clearly remember that this song was last one on the first side. And I clearly remember my reaction while listening to it for the first time, happened in my car while driving home from this friend's place. Goosebumps, confusion, open mouth, strange feeling that I already heard these sounds in a dream, or in another life.

2. Spacemen 3 | How Does It Feel?
There had been times in my life when I listened to these guys exclusively. Their first row of singles just blew my mind, couldn't get enough of their first proper album called The Perfect Prescription, so expectations had been high as the following one was announced to be released. Was not disappointed, because on Playing With Fire every detail is just perfect. This album is a wonderful mixture of songs received from Heaven and from Hell respectively, and at the centre of the first side, in between a lush lullaby and a guitar attack righteously called Revolution, this piece just have found its perfect place. Peaceful in the beginning, it gets more and more uncomfortable, though it never leaves his stoned-hippy-at-the-shore vibe. Still wondering what some are able to do with just two guitars, a two note bass line and a snare drum. With lots of Silence in between the spoken words. Miracle!

3. The Velvet Underground | Heroin
Noise? Even worse, awful noise? I was stunned. How could he listen to this wonderful wall of Sound and label it this way? As I played this track to a School buddy proud of my new discovery I expected reactions like I had shown, something like oh, so beautiful, outstanding, want to listen to this forever. Learned two things this very moment: first, the perception of Sounds could differ, second, had to find a new buddy.

4. Bob Dylan | The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
My very first lecture in Minimalism. As a very young teenager I started to learn to play the Acoustic guitar just because of this guy and his first couple of Folk ballad albums. On one of those this songs is to hear, and I knew immediately this is something very special. Lyrics that hit your heart, not with rhymes, just with facts. And this guitar playing, lone and dry like my teenage heart. I've learned quite fast that this is just one chord picked over and over in the same style. So why we need a second one? Never forgot this lecture.

5. Klaus Schulze | Bayreuth Return
This track got me into synthesizers. Grown up in the 80s, I've got the impression those machines are just made to produce squeaking leads for horrible Rock songs. But one day this roommate of mine introduced me first to Frank Zappa and then to this weird German guy. Never got into the first one's Music, but after listening to Schulze I knew I had to dig deeper. Got it, these machines are made to create some unheard aural landscapes. Walk through them and you will learn lots about yourself and the Power of Music. Escapism to teach you how to stand rigid onto both feet in every day life. Thank you, my friend!

6. Klaus Schulze | Totem
In my list this guy has to be mentioned twice. Totem is just a wonderful example of how Synthesizer Music should be. Sounds formerly unknown to this World to make you feel at home.

7. Tangerine Dream | Rubycon (Part 1)
Infected with my new love for Synth Music, I bought a worn out vinyl copy of this album for a few cents. Very same day I got a pair of used speakers from a friend as a gift. So I listened to those three new items for the first time late in the evening with quite heavy volume, sundown was shimmering through my window. I was moved to tears. So keep in mind, best moments in Life afford no money.

8. Harmonia | Sehr Kosmisch
Love the story of how I was introduced to this weird German Music: Me and a friend was playing at a festival in the nice town of Brest, France. We chatted backstage very nicely with an English guy who was there to present his Electronic Music. After hearing our set he was stunned to learn that we don't know Cluster or Harmonia. He advised us to buy the second album of Cluster and the first one of Harmonia. So we did, and immediately understood his bewilderment. It was like our Music, some of our tracks sounded like we poorly ripped Roedelius and Moebius off. Even the equipment was similar, those scientific tube sine generators, the tape delay. So I'm still wondering if the English guy believed in our innocence, and I'm still wondering about the fact that an English guy introduced us on French ground to the best parts of our German roots. Anyway, have to say thank you to the Englishman. You gave me hours and hours of inspiring times listening to this Music.

9. Flying Saucer Attack | In The Light Of Time
Dave Pearce taught me one very important fact through his work as FSA. Inspiration is the one and only thing that matters if you want to be creative. Sounds trivial, but everybody who spent such long and boring times with people who tell you what kind of equipment you need to be really great and cool, like I did, will understand my emphasize of this statement. This track is just Dave, his guitar, few pedals and a four track cassette recorder. And for me it is some lightyears ahead of every monster truck and aeroplane equipped band spending years in million dollars studios. This track's warmth and intimacy is created with such great talent. Unforgettable and unbeatable.

10. Stars Of The Lid | Music For The Film "Jétable"
+(Porch)+... Could not decide which side of this vinyl EP to chose for this list. Actually I've listened to the first side more often, was regularly played for years as my lullaby, last track for the day. Guess I would do this to this very day, as I still love this track, but had to quit this ceremony after my vinyl copy was worn out and looped itself around the track's 10th minute. But the second side is as good as the first. It's a live recording of this wonderful Texan duo, and there's something enormous going on. In between all those ingeniously designed drones and harmonies there's a scream in the audience clearly audible around the 13th minute. This scream sums up the Magic of everything what Ambient Music is about, at least in my opinion. Background Music, if you like to enhance the boredom of everyday life, but furthermore it is Escapism Music to expose Your Inner Self to the most Divine spectacle after the sky's color play at sundown. So beautiful that one has to scream, at least once in a while.

+11. Emeralds | Magic
These kids made me believe in the Power of Music again. After nearly ten years of desperately looking out for Contemporary stuff worth listening, I miraculously discovered theirs by mistake. They made a rope to escape my despair by wittingly knotting together drones and textures with nearly unbearable beauty. Listening to this for the first time with a broken player in the car, wasn't able to turn down the volume of the device, so this track roared at me in its purest beauty. A truly Life changing experience.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1439 | by Federico Ágreda Álvarez [Zardonic/Triangular Ascension/Sol Nocturno/Klipp/Intimus Universum/Blackholepit/Gorepriest] of Moreon & Klipp

Photos by Simon Orellana & Pedro Rodríguez

Innocence Lost, and a bit of ADHD. And video games.

1. Antonio Vivaldi | The Four Seasons: Concerto No. 1 In E Major, Op. 8, RV 269, La Primavera (Spring) (Performed by I Musici)
You better write that IN FULL. And no, that's not a song name. That is indeed the correct way you refer to Academic Music... *Sips tea with pinky up and gently shakes moustache*... On a serious note, I think I was in my mother's womb and the 1st movement of Vivaldi's Spring Concerto was playing. I always loved it for some reason, even though I didn't exactly know how it sounded or felt like Spring since I was born and raised in Venezuela and there's no such thing as Spring. Only Summer. Burning Summer throughout the entire year, with a little bit of fresh air during the night. Sounds good? Try 35-40 degrees for your ENTIRE LIFE. Not good. You want to go to Bogotá where it's about 15-20 every day of the year. Except it rains. A lot. Oh, well, World can't be perfect. Jesus, I'm going off topic again. Excuse my shameless ADHD. Music does this to me. Anyways, yes. Now that I know Spring, Vivaldi nailed it. This sounds like pure Spring. Spring. I miss it. Well, I said I hated extreme heat, doesn't mean I like it when it's fucking -15 outside. Next!

2. Larry Carlton | Smiles And Smiles To Go
My dad always had this CD in the car, and I loved it. Might be a little bit cheesy for you Hardcore lot, but I still love it. To this very day. Beautiful Music, always lifts my mood, although it's kind of a bittersweet spot for me since the passing of my father. I miss him. He left just before I embarked on my biggest tour in Europe, the Europa Beyond Bass 2013 tour. I wish he'd been alive so he could have at least seen the aftermovie. And this is when I say something cheesy like I hope they have YouTube in Heaven or some shit. Oh, man. I love you, dad.

3. Division Barcelona | Vamos Que Nos Vamos
I think 90s Spanish Rave Music was my introduction to Electronic Music, and I absolutely loved everything about it. I'm barely naming one song, but any artists you could think of if you know about the scene: Chimo Bayo, Paco Pil, Ramírez, Lethal, Zentral, all of them produced tracks that I still remember to this very day, even though I was only 6 years old and rocking out to mixes by Venezuelan DJs Negrura Mix, Yayo aka Eduardo Javith and Pulpo Manotas on La Mega 103.3FM every night in my room.

4. Ace Of Base | Young And Proud
Hahahah, I know this will be shunned upon by most people, but, to be honest, Ace Of Base is one of that secret, old guilty pleasures of mine. This song made me feel really powerful when I was a kid. And I didn't hear it when The Sign came out. I actually owned the original EUROPEAN version of Happy Nation, so Young And Proud was Track 12 (and not Track 3 like in The Sign). Wait, let me correct that. It was TRACK 5, on Side B. THAT'S RIGHT. I owned the cassette. So yeah. I'm guilty of having heard the WHOLE album... Fuck, where's that cassette??... *Plays Music*...

5. Nirvana | Smells Like Teen Spirit
Before I knew anything about Extreme Metal, I only had access to what was hot on the Radio. And this was probably the one song that always got me going. It made me feel something that I didn't really know how to deal with back then. Back in the day, for a normal kid (considering specially that I had been exposed almost exclusively to Nu Jazz and Classical Music), even something like Nirvana can feel disturbing. It was too much energy for me to handle, but there was something that kept me attached to it. Like I was yearning to open those gates and know more about the sound of the Electric Guitar.

6. Marilyn Manson | Antichrist Superstar
And so the Gates of Hell are open!! The first time I heard this track, it was on The Box (holy shit, I'm such a 90s kiddo!). I still don't understand why The Box is not around anymore. That was the BEST shit ever! Anyways, yeah. Marilyn Manson. That was the one video that I secretly asked for. And I would constantly watch it, seeing how he would challenge the Christian Church, rip The Bible on stage, from my ultra-Right-Wing-Roman-Apostolic-Catholic grandma's television. And I even had a sense of guilt from it, because I loved it. Back then in my head, it was like all that so called Temptation that Satan leads you into. And I loved it. Why did I love it? No, this must be a bad thing. I must turn it off. Can't. Turn. It. Off. HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Deicide | Once Upon The Cross
OK, so Satan and I are cool now. He's OK. A bit too theatrical and dramatic sometimes, but he's funny and he loves ice cream juice sometimes (he can't actually eat ice cream, melts before it reaches his hellish burning jaws). OK. Point made. Now, when I heard Deicide, I didn't really think then that anything more extreme than Marilyn Manson could be possible. You have to understand that when you're exclusively exposed to what everybody else listens to, you just DON'T KNOW about it and there's NO WAY you can understand it until you just get to know it. And realizing that is what made me forget about the whole stupid Underground mindset that forces Music to be something like a secret while the whole World NEEDS this so called Underground Music. The fact that we hate Mainstream is precisely the BEST argument against keeping Music underground. We need to have people wake the fuck up.

8. Cradle Of Filth | Thirteen Autumns And A Widow
Oh, the days when Cradle Of Filth was good. This was the first song that introduced me to Black Metal (yes, I know COF is too Gothic, FFS! I know my Metal. More on this later). This song gave me a power that I still can't understand. It's like my spirit comes out of me and ascends into... You know, that thing that your spirit usually ascends into. You know what I'm sayin'. Anyways, next.

9. Dimmu Borgir | Raabjørn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde
OK, too much Satan. Let's slow things down a tad and listen to this Love song. Soothing. No, I mean that. This is like the Dimmu Borgir ballad. Don't be scared. Check it out.

10. Borknagar | Oceans Rise
Ahh, Black Metal truly changed my life. Even my mother likes this one.

+11. Dark Funeral | Vobiscum Satanas
IT'S HERE!!! SATAN IS HERE!! I HAVE SEEN HIM!! THE DEVIL IS REAL!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! What is this vortex of pure Dark Energy in my bedroom?? The gates of Hell are right here in my bedroom!!!... *stops Music*... What in the flaming fuck was that?? Play it again! No, I'm too scared. Ah, what the... VVVOOOOBBBBIIIISSSSCCCCUUUUUMMMMM SAAAAAATAAAAANAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!

+12. The Berzerker | Reality
This song remains one of the most extreme pieces of Music (or Noise if you will) I've ever heard. There's not a single band that could top the extremity of The Berzerker, except of course for Anaal Nathrakh.

+13. Anaal Nathrakh | The Unbearable Filth Of The Soul
On top of having the weirdest fucking name you can have in a band, can you seriously come up with something more intense for the title of a song?? You gotta give it to these guys. They are truly the most extreme force ever conceived in the History of Music. Next to it is The Berzerker only. Oh, yeah, The Berzerker is also... Oh, shit, I already mentioned them. Sorry. Next!

+14. Ulver | Silence Teaches You How To Sing
Good God. This is the perfect aftermath for Metal. It's a beautiful piece of Ambient Music to listen to. Ulver is an interesting band, I think, because they've never had any limitations for the kind of Music they make. They're just them. Fully authentic. If they felt like going to the middle of the forest to record an album, they did it. If they felt like doing soundtracks for movies, they did it. If they felt like jazzin', they went on jazzin'!

+15. Nobuo Uematsu | One-Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack)
I can't make this mixtape happen without throwing in one of my favorite video game score pieces ever. Veni, veni, venias, ne me mori facias! Sephiroth fucking owns. Everybody. God created Man. Sephiroth created God. And I just killed Sephiroth. Oh, shit. Maybe that's why God is so mad at me now.​

WARMER MIXTAPES #1438 | by Allan Preston Sachs [Alan Merrill] of The Lead, Godzilla And Yellow Gypsy, Streak, Vodka Collins, Runner and Arrows

Photo by Michi Nakao

1. Free | All Right Now
I saw Free in Tokyo in 1971 and they were amazing. I became friendly with Kossoff and we jammed a bit in Tokyo in the bars on Acoustic guitar. Anyway, the song All Right Now has all the dynamics of a great crowd pleaser. Lots of space in the instrumentation. Simple flirty seduction lyrics. Great vocals by PR. Nice gang chorus. Andy Fraser's bass break is classic, Kossoff's guitar is perfect in it's simplicity. It's a fantastic recording.

2. David Bowie | Rebel Rebel
The riff, the song construction, the production, camp vocals, the pure simplicity of it. A great Glam Rock record. Can't go wrong with those teen vs. parents lyrics in Rock 'N' Roll. It defines the times, every generation. I first heard this song when I was living in Tokyo in 1972 I guess, and I worked out the guitar riff after one listen. Simple, very effective. Years later, when I played guitar with Rick Derringer in 1980, we played it live on stage. Always a popular song with Rock audiences.

3. The Rolling Stones | Honky Tonk Women
This song hit me like a meteor falling from the sky when I heard it first. I was shopping in Harrods London and it came on the speakers in the store's trendy clothes shop on the top floor. I was buying silver crushed velvet trousers in fact. I walked right up to the speakers and listened. After that I shook my head and thought, The Rolling Stones have raised the level of Rock Music again. Ground breaking record. I almost cried, the record was so perfect, because I truly love great Rock Music. This song would become a template for many Rock songs to come.

4. The Left Banke | Walk Away Renée
This is a heartbreaking song of unrequited love sung with passion and vulnerability by a young Steve Martin Caro. The strings add a lot of melancholy emotion to the track and the harmonies are top notch and sophisticated. Great band. Lots of great Music has come from them. Bad management destroyed their formidable potential. Great drums on the track by session man Ron Rogers, who nailed those simple rolls into the chorus with prefect timing before the rousing chorus. I first heard it on the radio. It sounded like a hit first time I heard it. The recording has some inexplicable Magic to it.

5. T. Rex | Bang A Gong (Get It On)
Marc Bolan found his Rock 'N' Roll groove on this track and he did it so very well. The spacey lyrics, strong vocal hook in octaves and the funky Chuck Berry variation on a theme stylistic guitar part with the unique spikey stabs - all add up to a great recording. Arguably his peak recording. I first heard this in Tokyo as well, early 70s. I had been a Tyrannosaurus Rex fan so I wanted to hear Marc's new Electric Warrior LP. The whole album is great, but this is the stand out track.

6. Larry Williams | Slow Down
One of the first songs I ever learned in a band to play. It's a Classic Rock song and it has all the right peaks and valleys when played right. Dynamics are the key. I first heard it by John Lennon in 1964, but later heard the original. I love the song. I do it on stage every time I play a show these days. It's always fresh to me. A lot of people have covered it, including me, and the song begs to be tried on for size by any performer who loves Rock Music.

7. Jerry Lee Lewis | Great Balls Of Fire
This has so much energy as a song I had to have a go and record a cover of it myself. But, I first saw Jerry Lee do it in 1958 at the Loews Paradise theater, Alan Freed show, in the Bronx, with my babysitter (my mom got us tickets from Atlantic Records) and it was an amazing show. He was an insane performer. It was like he was possessed. Jerry Lee and the song made a very big impression on me at 7 years of age. He had the longest hair I had ever seen on a man, it was a vision. It was all slicked back in a teddy boy quiff, but when he shook his head it cascaded about 2 feet down over the piano. Surreal for the time.

8. Elvis Presley | (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (with The Jordanaires) (Loving You Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
I get chills when I hear this song, it reminds me of the first light of Rock 'N' Roll. Nobody compares to early Elvis. I respect him so much. He had it all. This song is a romantic sentiment about giving a present (a ring to wear around her neck) to a romantic interest. He wants to be her Teddy Bear. A sweet sentiment, but when Elvis sings anything there's always a sexual innuendo in the voice. I love the song, the vocal. It all works. All of Elvis's early work is magic to me.

9. Arthur Alexander | Anna (Go To Him)
Another song I first heard sung by John Lennon (the man had immaculate taste in Rock 'N' Roll song choices) and that brought me to listen to Arthur, who wrote it. A great song. I've covered it. Always fun to sing live. Arthur was an artist's artist. He wrote superb songs. This song is about a man who loses his fiancée to another man, but he wants back his ring. Arthur wrote a lot of loser in Love songs that served him well. I'm sure given the text of his lyrics he suffered a great deal from failed relationships. Lucky for us, because he left us with great Music as a result.

10. Muddy Waters | Rollin' Stone (Delta Blues song 'Catfish Blues' Cover)
Song about a rootless wandering man who is fooling around with somebody's wife. By the end of the song he's moving on down South on the first train out of there. I love the lyric. I listened to this over and over in a small hotel room in Tengenji, Tokyo, in 1995 and got deep into the feel of the song. Since then I've been performing it live and the audiences love it. It's the song that The Rolling Stones based their band name on and it suits them. Muddy Waters does the whole song on only one chord, which is a challenge, but it works and there's never any monotony because his guitar and vocal dynamics make up for the droning E chord. Four verses and they're all fun to sing. A lot of bands who cover the song use a few more chords than Muddy did on the instrumental breaks. Not necessary in my opinion. I think the one chord works very well.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1437 | by Andrew Amoah [Dewy Sinatra]

1. The Artist (Formerly Known As Prince) | The Most Beautiful Girl In The World 
This is the first song I can recall remembering all the lyrics to. I couldn't have been more than 6 years old, and I remember owning it on cassette tape. I think that I subconsciously based my early ideas of singing off of Prince and this song. It's such a tune, I still play it to this day!

2. Kanye West | Love Lockdown 
Everybody says I'm a weirdo but 808s & Heartbreak's is my favourite Kanye album - it's just full of raw Emotion! I remember watching the MTV Awards and hearing him perform it for the first time and just falling in Love with the drums on chorus. It's the kind of song that's made to be sung live to make you feel every word and, for me, that's what Music is all about. This song really shaped the direction I took when I started experimenting making my own Music.

3. Gorillaz | Feel Good Inc. (feat. De La Soul)
Hands down one of the best bass lines ever played on a record. Whenever this comes on, I just feel like I know how to play bass and go a little crazy with the old air guitar.

4. Daniel Bedingfield | Gotta Get Thru This 
This song just takes me back to just starting Secondary School and getting to grips with the whole transition of starting to grow up. It's one of the songs I've listened to on a frequent basis up until today. Plus he's from my part of London (Lewisham), so always used this tune as motivation.

5. Dizzee Rascal | Round We Go
Boy In Da Corner is simply a classic album. The rhyme scheme and flow he uses on this tune is just mad and I remember feeling so happy when I learnt it word for word. She is the best friend of the ex girlfriend of an old school friend who is a close friend - just legendary! I bought this album and rinsed it on my old red Sony portable CD player. I used to be afraid to run for buses in case I scratched it! This tune started me on a very brief Grime career under the Buff Bwoi Rap moniker.

6. Eminem | Stan (feat. Dido)
Best Rap record ever made. Enough said.

7. Amy Winehouse | Back To Black 
This whole album was just epic to me and this song in particular just resonated in particular. It also brings me back to my first year at University, we had a PS2 in the front room and when people came over we'd play SingStar a lot and this was always the song we'd all go head to head on. It would get really serious, but was always great fun to have my housemates and friends over for a good ol' sing song.

8. John Legend | All Of Me
Just love this tune, it's the kind of song that makes you want to fall in Love and just be all sappy, haha. There's something about the Simplicity and Honesty I really love, and think those are the characteristics I always try to put into my own Music. A good friend of mine and I used to listen to this on repeat in the car whenever I'd drive her home, so there are fond memories attached to this song too.

9. The Black Keys | Howlin' For You 
I just want to jump whenever I play this, don't even know why, it's just such a tune with wicked energy. The drums are so fat on this record and the vocal is so catchy. I'm a massive Black Keys fan and really love the whole Brothers album, but this for me is just my favourite track, it just makes you want to be in a dingy bar rocking out.

10. Kings Of Leon | Use Somebody 
This is just an epic Love song, essentially kind of song you hear and makes you wanna be the lead singer and lead guitarist in a band and win your crushes heart with some sweet air guitar. Defo a tune for the summer, windows down and the breeze blowing with this tune blarring at full volume!

+11. Oasis | Wonderwall
Such a classic tune that makes me proud to be a British musician. You can't hear it and not wanna holler TODAY IS GONNA BE THE DAY...

+12. N*E*R*D | Rock Star
I was always a bit left growing up and wasn't the coolest. Hearing this brought back my love for Rock and Hip Hop and was mindblowing to me. Pharrell was always a musician I identified with and this is just a classic rebel N*E*R*D song, haha.

+13. Fugees | Ready Or Not 
This tune was a staple in my house growing up, my dad would play it in his old Mazda and my mum would be blarring it in the kitchen JVC system throughout the house. This was the kind of Hip Hop I grew up on, and Lauryn Hill's verse on this was epic - I just love the line Ready or not, refugees taking over, The Buffalo Soldier, dreadlock Rastaaa...

WARMER MIXTAPES #1436 | by Tyrone Broughton [$1 Bin]

1. L.V. | I Am L.V.
Oh, my God, this song is one of those classic Old School 90’s R&B tracks. No matter where you hear Music like this you’re going to instantly feel it. In 2008/2009, I was making Music with a Roland SP 404. I came across this song when looking for samples on YouTube and I fell in Love. I wish artists nowadays would take notes from R&B like this.

2. A-1 The Supergroup | Everywhere We Go
This has been the greatest turn up song for me in 2014. I have never heard a chorus this fun and catchy. The first time I heard this track was while I was doing a live mix for Gold River Show on East Village Radio. Every time I DJ live I play this song because it works. It’s meant to be a Turn Up! song. That’s exactly what it makes you want to do when you hear it… Turn up! A-1 The Supergroup has made several remixes of it. They’ve put different rappers on it, but the original version, with Blitz on the 3rd verse, is just the best. I think this is the only song in my DJ career that I’ve used all three mixes. The song is just that good to me.

3. Cajmere | Brighter Days 2011 (feat. Dajae) (Just Blaze Dub Mix)
In 2011, I was a Just Blaze fanatic. It is such a classic House remix. Just Blaze had elements of the original record in all 3 remixes he had contributed towards the EP. Not too many House remixes nowadays are being released the way this was. Things like this stand out to me. This is another tune I always play when I’m performing live. It gives off that classic 90’s NYC House Club vibe especially from 5:47 – 6:50. That part right there is my all lights off in the club secret weapon. I was searching so hard for a download link of the entire Brighter Days 2011 (Just Blaze Remixes) EP on the Internet. It came to a point where everyday I would get on a computer and look for a torrent, .rar or .zip of it. I eventually found it and I’ve had it since.

4. R. Kelly | Not Feelin' The Love
This is my grown and sexy classic joint right here. The opening string on this song gives me this warm autumn feeling that I can never get enough of. The song actually opened up my ears to how magnificent R. Kelly’s production team was. The instrumental is silky smooth. From the Rhodes keyboard spread throughout the track; to the live bass guitar played during the bridge; to the first bar drum loop that’s tucked flawlessly under the entire song. Everything fits perfectly. It is such a classic R&B song in my opinion. I mean, it is R. Kelly!

5. Heltah Skeltah | Da Beginning Of Da End
This track is a perfect example of that classic “Boom Bap Break Ya Neck Rap”. I instantly begin to nod my head as soon as I hear the beat. Ruck and Rock bless the track with that gritty NYC Rap. The beat is just phenomenal. Truthfully, words can’t express how I feel about the instrumental… It’s too perfect. I still can’t find the sample that was used. I’ve been looking online since 2008. Now that I think about it… Heltah Skeltah - D.I.R.T. is the last physical CD that I’ve bought until date. Isn’t that something?

6. Revl9n | Walking Machine (SebastiAn Remix)
I want to start off by saying I have NEVER heard any Music that sounded the way this did in my life. So not only was this groundbreaking to my ears, but it is a fucking amazing remix. The way SebastiAn cut up the original A Capella was so different and abstract. It’s hard for me to put into words. It’s as if he cut pieces of several words and pieced them together like a collage. I honestly can’t describe it. You have to hear it for yourself. SebastiAn’s drum and synth work in this song is relentless as usual. The way he phrases his synth lines is fucking out of this world! I can not stress enough how crazy this song is. Matter of fact, this is my favorite remix of all time.

7.  Talib Kweli & Hi Tek: Reflection Eternal | The Blast (feat. Vinia Mojica)
This song brings me back to being in my living room on the house computer. Back when WinMX, LimeWire & AOL chat rooms were prominent things in my life. I surely miss those days. This entire song is just magnificent. From the flow of shakers; to the kick and snare; to the milky bass line. Not to mention the three notes that is played with that guitar-ish sound. The song is so good I can’t even decipher what the main sound. This mystery makes the song even more special to me now.

8. A Tribe Called Quest | Lyrics To Go
I want to start off by saying this is my favorite song of all time. This song takes me back to being in Australia in 2006. I had an mp3 player that died on me. I had to borrow my Camp Counselor’s iPod. She had the entire catalogue of A Tribe Called Quest on there. Lyrics To Go stood out… The instrumental and lyrics complements each other in such a graceful way. It felt serene!

9. Snoop Dogg Presents Tha Eastsidaz | G'd Up
Wow! This is just one of those feel good tracks. I don’t even remember the first time or first place I heard it. But every time I hear this track it always brings me back to Middle School. I think what drew me to the song was the production by DJ Battlecat. I can’t talk enough about how wonderful and open this feels to me. That 8th note triangle pattern with the electric keyboard chords tuck underneath the entire song makes everything complete. This is definitely another one of those songs that’ll always bring me back to a memory in my life.

10. $1 Bin | Pull Ya Pussy Out (feat. Lil Friday & Jim Valmont)
I have a Love/Hate relationship with this song. This song is the longest song to be published in my career. I made the beat in 2009 for a particular rapper in mind. He didn’t get to it so I held on to it. Fast forward to 2012, we recorded it in my manager’s basement and the rest is history! In a party setting, this song sets it off! Nine times out of ten, the crowd feeds off the energy of the song. Definitely a favorite of mine.

1. Brian Eno | Weightless
This song will constantly be a source of Inspiration. When I heard it for my first time, I was inspired to write a play about astronauts in Space rising above the difficulties of Technology. Since I heard this track I've noticed it in the background of a lot of films and TV programs. It gives me goosebumps to think that others heard this track and also imagined Space and putting things on TV.

2. Omar Souleyman | Li Raja Behawakom (I Beg You, Baby)
This will always remind me of driving to and from NYC. I got Jazeera Nights at this record store in Brooklyn called Earwax Records. The same day I got it was the same day that we US citizens started getting news reports about chemical attacks in Syria. The album stayed in my CD player for months and I would routinely blast it at full volume no matter who felt uncomfortable with it. The only time I felt scared listening to Omar was when I was stoned and got lost driving around in the Navy Yard only a few weeks after the shooting occurred.

3. Janelle Monáe | PrimeTime (feat. Miguel)
This is a song that really brings tears to my eyes. It was a song that my former lover would listen to on Spotify while she was at work (home on her computer) and I would hear it through her headphones. Then we went through a horrible break up, worst break up of all time. Just when I thought everything was over between us, we accidentally ran into each other and started getting emotional all over again. The next day I was at work and this song came on the radio and I couldn't help but cry and think maybe the stars really are on our side. I tried to blame it on the spicy food, but the tears were real and the Love was prime.

4. The Magic Numbers | Love's A Game
I got to see The Magic Numbers in Allentown, Pennsylvania when I went to see The Flaming Lips, Ween, and Sonic Youth when I was 16 in 2006. The Magic Numbers played first and were amazing. I had been using MySpace a lot in those days and found a friend who liked both The Magic Numbers and The Flaming Lips. We exchanged many mix CDs throughout the years and I think they sent me this song on one of them and so now I will always think of my Internet friend who I fell in and out of Love with. This friend brought a lot of Magic into my life which I am very thankful for.

5. Devendra Banhart | Rosa
One of the very first times I tripped on Acid in College, I listened to Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon while watching 2001: A Space Odyssey on a DVD which somehow decided to glitch out only while we were tripping and never again. This is the only song which has actually turned into a physical form, it had shape and volume, it was lush, it was growing and crawling up the wall. This song took on a life of it's own and entered my ears in a whole new way and got me thinking about the possibilities of Advanced Audio FX Mastering and Engineering, etc.

6. Super Furry Animals | Juxtapozed With U
This was the most played song on my iTunes for a few years when I was in High School. I found this song not long after I learned what the word Juxtaposed meant. This will always remind me of browsing through old yearbooks seeing who you're picture is next to. Finally got to see them perform this song live at the 9:30 club in DC a few years ago and I was most enthused.

7. Linda Perhacs | Sandy Toes
Finding out about her Music through Uncut magazine was the best thing to happen to me since it paved the way for future experiences which I will never forget. I got my good friend, future lover, to babysit me while I took DMT and I played her album Parallelograms. Sandy Toes transported me to a beautifully flowing fractal garden of my own mind and encoded memories which completely unraveled in a parade of colors morphing into flying serpent creatures which manifested as an old friend to give me closure on a confused and troubled long-distance Internet relationship. The words synched up with the Universe and everything made perfect sense for what seemed like five minutes of Eternity.

8. Juanes | Fotografía (feat. Nelly Furtado)
I learned this song for a friend that I sang in choir with in High School and it really stuck with me. It always makes me feel happy and at home. Our lives are very connected to the photographic dimension. Since then I've sang this song at Karaoke many times, typically the only person in a night to sing a song in a language other than English.

9. Caetano Veloso | Medley: Nega Maluca/Billie Jean/Eleanor Rigby (Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' Cover)
When I would play this song people would ask if it was me singing and I would be usually very flattered and amused that my friends would mistake Caetano Veloso for me. Next thing I know, I'm in College singing in an A Capella group and we have to sing a Michael Jackson medley. Somehow I wormed my way into getting to sing the Billie Jean part. We performed our songs for an international festival in Monroe Park near the campus of VCU. A few days prior, I was able to get tickets to see Caetano Veloso play in DC later that same day! Thinking I would be late, since I was driving from Richmond to DC, somehow I arrived early. To my surprise, Caetano played Billie Jean and I had to stick around after the show so I actually got to meet him and talk about Music and Philosophy.

10. Tim Hecker | Chimeras 
This song will always remind me of the time I took DMT and actually came face-to-face with Chimera like creatures in another dimension. I was listening to Harmony In Ultraviolet with some friends and the CD started to skip while I was tripping and I thought the Universe was going to end.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1434 | by Christina Nemec [chra] of Pasajera Oscura, SV Damenkraft and Shampoo Boy

Photo by Bernadette Reiter

1. Billie Holiday | Strange Fruit
My parents listened to so called Black Music (Soul, Funk, Disco) when I was a kid. My mother told me the sad story of this song and about the biography of Billie Holiday and Racism in the United States and in South Africa.

2. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts | I Love Rock 'N Roll (Arrows Cover)
Joan Jett was my first rolemodel (beside Blondie, Siouxsie and Nina Hagen) as a Post-Punk girl - she still rocks!

3. X-Ray Spex | Identity
A powerful anthem for all girls - still very strong!

4. Imagination | Just An Illusion 
Early 80's... I felt like a punk, but still loved this gayish tune followed by all British gay bands (Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Housemartins, Yazoo...).

5. M | Pop Muzik
When I was around 11 years old I got my first own cassette recorder with 3 tapes - one had Pop Muzik on it - it was my summer catchy tune of 1979, beside Funky Town and Heart Of Glass.

6. Leila K | Open Sesame 
Still so good - can hear it several times in a row - this voice!!!! Big love.

7. Gustav | We Shall Overcome
I've known Vienna based artist Gustav since her first appearance in 2002 - and it was amazing to see this young woman playing some toys and processors singing the smartest lyrics with an honesty - in the meantime Gustav is one of the best songwriters in Austria.

8. Mark Stewart + The Maffia | This Is Stranger Than Love 
My band mate Peter Rehberg played this tune in his DJ set at Viennese base bar Chelsea that time in 1989... And I loved the Satie melodies on it - Mark's voice got me from that moment on.

9. Sonic Youth/Lydia Lunch | Death Valley '69
Intense hard and challenging - the cooperation of my most favorite band of the early 80's with controversial Lydia Lunch.

10. New Order | Blue Monday
One of the best Pop songs ever, ever, ever...

+11. Fennesz | Bécs
Vienna is my hometown and Fennesz is one of the best artists in town - love his guitar processings - sad, melancholic, disturbant.

+12. Ryuichi Sakamoto | Grief (Andrea Parker Remix)
One of my personal female producer pioneers with a wonderful remix.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1433 | by Andrew Rieger of Major Organ And The Adding Machine and Elf Power

Photo by Jason Thrasher

1. Scott Walker + Sunn O))) | Brando 
Beautiful and strange operatic vocals mixed with drone Metal sludge guitar makes an unexpectedly delightful pairing!

2. The Congos | Fisherman
Lee "Scratch" Perry produced this wonderful Reggae group who stuck out from their peers by having a singer who sang really high, and another who sang really low, infusing their Reggae with somewhat of a Motown feel.

3. Sigue Sigue Sputnik | 21st Century Boy
One of Giorgio Moroder's most outrageous and playful 80s productions.

4. Lewis | Let's Fall In Love Tonight
A beautiful romantic whimper of an 80s piano/synth ballad.

5. Bob Dylan | I Was Young When I Left Home
An early 1961 home recording that's as good as anything that he ever put on one of his proper albums. The pained singing/lyrical narrative are sublime.

6. Todd Rundgren | International Feel
A wonderful mix of studio tricks, Psychedelic Rock, and Prog Rock on this song and all over his classic album , A Wizard, A True Star.

7. Travi$ Scott | Upper Echelon (feat. T.I., 2 Chainz)
My favorite new rapper in recent years... Cool Experimental production techniques on this song and all over his Owl Pharaoh mixtape. You can also hear his stylistic fingerprints all over Kanye West's Yeezus which he worked on.

8. PINECONES | Do Not Move
Great song from a new band out of my hometown of Athens, GA... This song has a nice hypnotic repitition, pushed forward by an anguished and intense vocal.

9. Chrome | New Age
Super druggy and effected vocals/guitars backed with a big expansive danceable beat. Sounds nice at a loud volume.

10. Budgie | Breadfan
A lovely song by this Heavy and melodic Welsh 1970's power trio... Great guitar playing and singing on this song.