1. Deacon Blue | Orphans
This reminds me of being a child in Devon in the late 1980s. The album version of this track, which I first heard when I was ten or eleven, was a definite Ah ha moment for me. I think it was when I realised that Music was most valuable, for me, when it was most emotional. I was a child caught between divorcing parents, and tracks like this helped me give voice to some turbulent emotions I was experiencing. They’re an easy band to sneer at, especially if you only go by their more popular songs (like Real Gone Kid). I guess it's the Prefab Sprout dilemma - being known for a song that is different in approach than almost anything else in the repertoire. But there's a wealth of material on the album tracks and B-sides that is so much richer and more unusual than their hits, and those tracks are one of the reasons why I've loved Deacon Blue intensely since I was a kid. And I've continued to listen to them throughout the years, first as a kind of guilty pleasure, and more recently, a little more vocally - especially since they're experiencing a kind of late-career creative high, with three new albums since 2012. It's funny how things have a habit of slipping in and out of being credible... I don't think Deacon Blue are quite there yet, but I don't really care. But this song, it's not a million miles away from Shoegaze, actually – especially the live version. It’s a good example of the kind of hidden gems you find on their albums.

2. Brian Eno - David Byrne | The Jezebel Spirit
This reminds me of a record store in my home town. It was called Fat Tones, in the West Exe part of Tiverton, Devon. I always thought it was a funny name for a shop because the guy that ran it was called Tony, and he was really fat, hahaha. When I was a teenager, I used to make money by doing a Saturday paper round, and I also used to walk old ladies’ dogs for money, so I had like a tenner a week that I could spend on Music, which felt like a fortune when I was 14. Fat Tones was all second-hand stuff anyway, so with that amount of money I could buy two CDs, or three tapes a week if I wanted to. And you know how important Music is to you at that age - you just soak it all up. The wonderful thing was that Tony seemed to know exactly what kind of stuff I was into, and as I was one of the regulars, he'd sort of push my taste in various directions, and buy in things in for me. So, he saw that I was into Talking Heads around Christmas 1995, and started buying in related things like My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, because he figured I'd want it some time. In fact, thinking about it, it was probably him that got me into Brian Eno, via this record. He was a lovely guy, one of those people who had a big impact on my life without ever really knowing it, and I often wonder what he’s up to now. What a legend.

3. Passengers | Beach Sequence (Beyond The Clouds Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
One of the better cuts from the ill-fated collaborative album between Brian Eno and U2 in 1995. This is a record I really loved when I was a teenager - another one of the weird things I was bringing into School to when everyone my age was into Britpop! - and I learned a lot about Record Production and Mixing from this song. There's a whole landscape of strange blurred sounds in the centre of the Stereo image - maybe a treatment on the other instruments - but everything else is clear and pushed to the edges. It's so Eno - it has the most distinctive sense of Sonic Space in it and really evokes the environment suggested by the title. It reminds me a lot of being a teenager and spending time on the North Somerset Coast - my family had a holiday place there, and it was really remote and isolated, and I used to love taking walks alone on the rocky, windswept beach – listening to things like this on my cassette Walkman. Good times!

4. Bryan Ferry | The Name Of The Game
He's having a late-career renaissance, isn't he? But there was a time, like in the mid-1990s, when Ferry and Roxy Music were so unfashionable. This reminds me of being about 15 or 16 in Devon, and a different kind of beach experience – in this case, the endless, tedious trips to beaches on the South Coast of Devon, with my family. These were touristy, popular, sandy beaches, typical British seaside stuff, as opposed to the glorious isolation of the place on the North coast where we had a holiday home... Ugh, I just wasn't a beach person then, and I used to get so bored. The only consolation was that I was young and gay, and used to enjoy seeing so many hot shirtless guys around, hahaha. But anyway, often I'd amuse myself by walking off into town and checking out the second-hand record stores. It's amazing how many there used to be - back in the mid-1990s even small seaside towns in Devon had two or three second-hand record stores, and because vinyl records were deeply, deeply unfashionable at that time, I'd be able to buy classic albums - like this one - for a pound or two. That did wonders for my Music tastes because I could take a chance on things, it wasn't like buying a new CD which might be a tenner or something. So this reminds me a lot of those summer Sunday afternoons in the mid-1990s, when I’d spend many a happy hour working my way through stacks of second-hand vinyl records.

5. Cocteau Twins | Lazy Calm
I first heard this track in a Dublin hotel room, looking out over the city, in early 1998. I was 17, and I was there on a Literature trip organised by my College's English department, with a load of my fellow students, seeing different productions in the theatre every evening. I guess it was my first major trip away from home, without my family, and I was so enthralled to the Cocteau Twins at the time. Except that I got into them in almost exactly the wrong way; the first record of theirs that I heard was their last one, Milk & Kisses, and I thought it was so gorgeous - but then the next record I bought was Garlands, their earliest and spikiest record, and I was like What the fuck is this? This is dreadful! (I should say that now I appreciate all their records). So, I really felt like I was taking a chance when I spent some of my very limited spending money on their Victorialand album. But when I first popped this into my portable CD player - remember them? - and heard this song, especially the bit where it kicks in with Elizabeth Fraser's voice, I knew I had made the right decision. They remain, nearly twenty years later, my favourite band of all time, and the absolute centre of my Musical influences - it's a sad day where I don't get to play at least one of their songs on my iPod or whatever.

6. Harold Budd | Boy About 10
This piece reminds me of a very beautiful time in my life. I was 18 and had just left home for the first time, I'd finished my A Levels and was preparing to leave Devon, to move to Manchester, for University. Except that my dear friend Elly and I decided to have one last year in Devon, and moved in together. We had a lovely place - an annex at the back of a cottage just on the outskirts of our small town in Devon, surrounded by evergreen trees, dark and cosy inside. I was really busy and fulfilled, studying Art at College, doing work for an LGBT charity, and I had a regular gig playing Budd-esque piano at the Rainbow Café in Exeter. It was a lovely time, and it was all down to Elly, really - we cooked for each other, looked after each other, lived a very cultural life, and supported each other's creative endeavours. I was recovering from a pretty severe bout of Depression, and in retrospect, I really needed that year with her to kind of build myself up, and prepare for moving away. Harold Budd was a bit of an obsession at the time, but Elly didn't really like a lot of his stuff. But when I brought this album home, we both fell in Love with it – I think it’s the viola in it, it’s so wistful and evocative. It always reminds me of that time - the two of us quietly sipping wine, reading books, and kind of listening to this record in the background. It was a very lovely time in my life.

7. Slowdive | Ballad Of Sister Sue
I cannot listen to this record without flashing back to the summer of 2001. It was my first summer in Manchester, I was living with some great friends, going out all the time (and taking way too much ecstasy) and working loads - but it was one of the most glorious times of my life. I'd been massively into the Cocteau Twins for three years or so at this point, and had gotten to a level of ridiculous geekery, collecting live recordings and so on, and was determined to do something similar myself, musically, but couldn't quite figure it out. Discovering Slowdive was a lightning bold moment - it showed me how you could sort of pack that kind of guitar sound into a more conventional song format, with a male voice. And I completely overdosed on this record, that year - so much so that I haven't really listened to it much in the intervening years. But when I put the record on a few months ago, I wasn't surprised to find that every intimate detail of the record is still there, in my head.

8. The Blue Nile | The Downtown Lights
I had read about this band long before I heard their Music, and I was dying to hear what they sounded like. This was in about 2002, 2003, something like that, and it wasn't as easy as it is now to find Music online - there was no YouTube, barely any sites selling mp3s and so on, and anyway, I was a student and didn't have a broadband connection until a couple of years later. Anyway, one Saturday I was in the middle of a big weekend, myself and a group of friends were doing loads of speed and going around the bars drinking, and I suddenly got the idea that I absolutely had to buy this record, right now! And so, I did. I left the bar and went to the HMV in Market Street and Manchester, where they had it. And I listened to it loads over the next couple of days, when I was coming down, and thought it was one of the best records I'd heard in my life. Almost every song by The Blue Nile is like an Edward Hopper painting, and there's something about their Music that suggests a sense of Stillness in a busy city, of quiet moments in dark bars, of late night city streets, or the romance of tall buildings. It reminds me a lot of my first few years in Manchester.

9. Beach House | The Traveller
This song reminds me of how I felt when I moved to London in 2012. I had split up my old band, and left Manchester after living there for 12 years, said goodbye to all my old friends. I was nervous and excited in equal measure. And then I moved to London and very quickly had a new life and a new circle of friends - Beach House's Bloom was the first new record that I heard at that time, and I absolutely fell in Love with it. I can never separate that album from the feelings I was having at the time. This song is from a later album, but it’s as good as anything else they’ve done. They're a band that seem to divide people, but I can't get enough of what they do. People say that their records sound similar, but that's sort of the point, for me - they've developed their own sound-world, and I'm quite happy if they just stay in that one place forever. I suppose they're a bit like the Cocteau Twins in that sense - no bad thing.

10. Talk Talk | Living In Another World
It was November 2012, and I’d been in London for about six weeks. I woke up late, didn't have anything to do, and was already on my way into central London to kill some time, when I suddenly thought, I've never been to Brighton, why not go now?... And so, I did. It was a lovely afternoon, really grey, and the sea was dramatic and beautiful. I had this album on my iPod but I hadn't listened to it yet... I’d paid lip service to Talk Talk for many years, but that day, when I was walking around Brighton on my own, listening to this, something finally clicked, and I finally understood their genius. It was a lovely, solitary day, and this album always reminds me of that.

+11. Blonde Redhead | Oslo
I met my partner shortly after I moved to London, and this album reminds me of moving in with him a couple of years later, to a house in Sutton, on the outskirts of the London. That was a lovely time, living in a part of town I’d never been to before, exploring the area and commuting back and forth to work. This is one of the albums I was listening to at the time. I managed to totally miss it when it came out, and I'm still not sure why. But when I finally got around to listening to it I realised what a dumbass I'd been. It's great - I was only patchily a fan of their work before, a couple of songs here and there, but I loved this album through and through, and I've listened to it loads over the last few years.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1610 | by Severino Panzetta [Severino] of Hyena Stomp, The Age Of Steam, Up Yours and Horse Meat Disco

1. Patti Austin | Body Language
SEXY GROOVE... So charming too. Her voice is incredible. Amazing song. Bass line is a killer.

2. Mr. Fingers | What About This Love (Extended Version)
I ADORE Larry Heard... It's proper Chicago House. This song is so beautiful. The vibe is so lovely and sexy.

3. Pat Metheny Group | So May It Secretly Begin
It's proper Fusion Jazz. So amazing and relaxing. Proper Music. Everything from them, also on ECM label, was incredible...

4. Mark Hollis | The Colour Of Spring
This entire album is incredible. His voice is so beautiful. Also Talk Talk made amazing songs.

5. Sade | Is It A Crime
Of course Sade needs to be here! Again, super sexy and sensual. Everything from her
is so good...

6. Pink Floyd | Us And Them
Proper Psychedelic show. I grew up with my sister's records. This is one of my favorite albums EVER.

7. Giorgio Moroder | Knights In White Satin (The Moody Blues' 'Nights In White Satin' Disco Cover)
The entire album is a Disco journey of this cover. Giorgio Moroder before I Feel Love. Even though I Feel Love is still a masterpiece too.

8. Herbie Hancock | Stars In Your Eyes (Special Disco Remix)
Another GREAT musician and another amazing song. The lyrics are fantastic too. Just so beautiful and charming...

9. Airto | Free
Proper Brazilian Music.

10. Chrisma | U (Part. I)
Italian crazy duo (an actual couple too) from late 70s. They blew my mind a bit when I was 8 years old. CRAZY!

WARMER MIXTAPES #1609 | by Michaël Borras [Systaime]

1. Julien Clerc/Émilie Jolie | Chanson D'Émilie Jolie Et Du Grand Oiseau
Well, this was The Beginning for me. From the first album I really liked. I’m in my garden, doing nothing and listening to this release... Émilie Jolie is a French fairytale Musical created by Philippe Chatel and arranged by Jean-Louis Bucchi. The album came out in 1979.

2. Georges Brassens | Auprès De Mon Arbre 
I put a fake moustache and started performing my first lip dub/air guitar in front of the mirror.

3. Téléphone | Un Autre Monde
This is the first band I ever saw live in concert.

4. Indochine | 3eme Sex 
Makes me think of my first bike.

5. George Michael | I Want Your Sex
The first album I bought.

6. Lionel Richie | Say You, Say Me (White Nights Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
My first slow jam, my first kiss...

7. Bérurier Noir | Salut À Toi
My first Punk concert.

8. Giacomo Puccini | Madama Butterfly, Act 2: Un Bel Dì (Vedremo) (Performed by Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra, Soprano: Miriam Gauci, Conductor: Alexander Rahbari)
My first opera.

9. Spiral Tribe | U Make Me Feel So Good
My first free party.

10. Los Alguiens | El Internet 
My first iPhone.

+11. VHS Dreams | Trans A.M.
Lovely tune.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1608 | by Praveen Sharma [Praveen/Braille] of Praveen & Benoît, Rights and Sepalcure

1. Miles Davis | Blue In Green
I could listen to this song on repeat for days. There is an absolutely heart wrenching amount of Longing and Sadness in this piece. This song is aching and plaintive and it's the perfect blanket to warm yourself with when everything else has gone to shit. To this day it's still unknown if Bill Evans or Miles Davis actually wrote this piece, but either way, Bill Evans’ piano playing is masterful here and it's been the most inspirational performance when it comes to my own playing.

2. Nas | The World Is Yours
A friend gave me this CD to check out and it turned out to be the first Hip Hop album I truly fell in Love with. I’ll never forget the chills I felt when I heard the beat drop on the intro piano line to this song. It opened up my ears to a whole new approach to Production.

3. Aphex Twin | IZ-US
When I lived in London briefly back in 1999, this song was the track that bridged my home in NY to my new home in Dalston. It was so much more straightforward than most Aphex Twin tracks around that time, but I loved it for its potency. I learned a lot about Dynamics from this track.

4. µ-Ziq | Brace Yourself Jason
Around the time my obsession with Electronic Music and Songwriting was picking up steam, I was really into Aphex Twin. I remember walking into a record store (Rhino Records, where I would end up working in the future) and telling the guy I was into Aphex. He recommended this album and the rest is history. It sent me down the rabbit hole of IDM, Drill 'N' Bass and more. The only access to a lot of this type of Music at that time was through record stores and MTV’s show, The Amp. Plenty of American Music friends of mine grew up watching The Amp - the importance of that show is incredibly understated.

5. The Remote Viewer | Snow It Falls On
The Remote Viewer perfectly defines a specific moment in Music for me. IDM had finally gotten stuck up its own over complicated ass and a small offshoot of artists were more interested in the melodic side than the technical side. This track represents that style of slightly broken, simple and overtly melodic Electronic Music I fell in Love with back in the early 2000s. Actually listening to this track at night in a snow storm with street lamps flickering by is a pretty special experience.

6. Tim Hecker | Music For Tundra (Part 1)
Granular Synthesis is a type of audio processing I’ve been particularly fond of since I first learned about it. In basic terms, you are chopping up incoming audio into tiny little bits (milliseconds) which you can then rearrange to create a variety of sounds. One of the types of sounds possible is this long, drawn out, expansion of Sound and Time. It's probably my favorite type of Sound. When I first heard Tim Hecker’s Music it was like coming home after being stranded on a desert island for a long long time.

7. The Sea And Cake | Bird And Flag
The Loop-based nature of this track was a good gateway to The Sea And Cake for me. I’ve always loved Sam Prekop’s airy vocals and they work so well to anchor this track. When I worked at Rhino Records, I remember always seeing this album in the used bin. I checked it out on a whim and never looked back. From my Rhino days, I’ll always remember those random CDs staring at me longingly from the used bin across the room. Why some of them enticed me to check them out over others, I’ll never know...

8. All Natural | It’s O.K.
Hip Hop was a big part of my musical journey. This track in particular has always stayed with me. It defines a certain moment for me in High School where I was learning how to DJ/scratch and was big into Turntablism. The Positivity, low key delivery and Jazz driven beats form the exact type of Hip Hop I gravitated towards back then the most. From the Windy City!

9. Mice Parade | Shalom
There is a simplicity and whimsical nature to this song which has always charmed me. When I’m stuck and overthinking my own Music, sometimes I look to this track as inspiration for Simplicity and cutting things back a bit. There is a mixture of Listlessness and Optimism in this song which I can relate to and I try to imbue into a lot of my work.

10. Model 500 | I Wanna Be There (Edit)
When it comes to Techno, Juan Atkins under his Model 500 guise has always been my favorite. Lots of late nights driving home from upstate NY raves were spent listening to this track. I also used to play this track at every Percussion Lab event I threw in Brooklyn. This track was a huge personal influence on early Sepalcure as well. Something about those Detroit style 7th chords gets me every time.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1607 | by Natasha Home [Sunmoonstar]

1. The Pentangle | Hunting Song
This has to be one of my all time favorite bands, I never get tired of these songs, I love the albums and live versions, this song just captures everything about Pentangle for me, the Dreaminess, Storytelling, Creative Freedom and Collaboration.

2. Sathima Bea Benjamin | "Music"
So these incredible recordings were recently reissued, and Sathima Bea Benjamin's biography and the stories about the recordings, how they were lost for 30 years and her travels with Duke Ellington add to their wonderment. This song Music is just so free and has so much Feeling and Energy, it's a great easy morning track. There are all these subtle changes in-between chords that make it lively and really enchanting.

3. Alice Coltrane | Lovely Sky Boat
This song is just so full of Love and Genius, I am in awe of it in every moment.

4. Slapp Happy | Slow Moon's Rose
Stream of Consciousness imagery and then the saxophone solo - so good. Dagmar Krause is an incredible artist, her voice is wonderful.

5. Maurice Ravel | Jeux D'Eau (Performed by Jean-Yves Thibaudet)
One of my favorite solo piano compositions. Jeux D'eau also means Water Fountains and the Music really has this falling, never ending ornamental feeling, it's lovely for day dreams.

6. Sally Oldfield | Water Bearer
This is the best album. I also love that as a debut she wrote an entire continuous medley. In the original LP all of the songs mix together, so in this case I'll just say that the title track is my favorite. Sally Oldfield's voice is incredible, and she plays the guitars, piano, synthesizer, harpsichord, pipe organ, mandolin, marimba, glockenspiel, vibraphone, banjo and percussion. I can listen to it over and over.

7. Emerald Web | Flight Of The Raven
When I first discovered Emerald Web I thought Yes, finally some Ambient Prog I can show my mum that she hasn't heard before . She played flute and I had to put up with a lot of Jethro Tull growing up... Sorry, Mum, but this is just so much better, sending this song with Love from Florida to you!

8. Fairport Convention | Fotheringay
The guitars, that lovely wavy bass line, subtle bells and harmonies are so wonderful in this song. In the lyrics I read that Sandy Denny was influenced by the story of Mary Queen of Scots. When I listen I think about gazing from The Past, about memories of being free, and I have this poetic idea about islands, that we have them surfaced inside ourselves like dreams.

9. Kate Bush | Moving
I read that Kate Bush dedicated this song to her dance instructor, and there really is something powerful in this song about Navigation and Understanding our sense of Space. You can hear it in the whale song intro, and it's this very sensitive searching and measuring of Space with Sound that I find really interesting in Music, you know... Like there's that idea that Echolocation gives whales Perspective, and in this song, when you listen to the tonality of her vocals, they're very reactive to the other instruments... This song always reminds me to understand The World with Empathy.

10. Enya | Aldebaran
Instantly allured by what I learned later in Life is the vivid atmosphere of a Juno 60 and percussive DX7, this composition has always fascinated me, ever since I first began listening to it on long drives with my family. My mother liked to play this cassette in the car at night. We used to have a cabin in the forest without Electricity, near Daylesford in Victoria, Australia. Maybe it was the feeling of getting into a car and hearing Electronic Music after a weekend away from the city, or maybe it's that Aldebaran is the brightest star in my zodiac sign's constellation, I still find this song comforting to listen to especially when there's rain outside.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1606 | by Stephen Richard Hackett [Steve Hackett] of Quiet World, GTR and Genesis

1. Buffy Sainte-Marie | Must I Go Bound
She has a beautiful voice and she makes the song her own... She feels every word in a vulnerable vibrato. The song spoke to me when I was a heartbroken kid of fifteen.

2. Maurice Ravel | Boléro (Performed by London Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Valery Gergiev)
I love the urgent brooding build and crescendo.

3. Richard Harris | MacArthur Park
Written and composed by Jimmy Webb. I love its detail, melody and epic sweep. It also has a very poignant lyric. It's the template for many Genesis ideas.

4. The Beatles | Eleanor Rigby
It has great Compassion and Understanding and a stunning string arrangement.

5. Kate Bush | The Man With The Child In His Eyes
Wonderful wistful quality overview of seeing The Man but The Child at the same time is a very perceptive lyric.

6. King Crimson | Epitaph
I think the lyric is timelessly important, and particularly in today's dangerous world. The Music is so powerful too, with great use of Mellotron.

7. Elbow | One Day Like This
I love the question and answer between vocal and instrumental. I find it very compelling.

8. Bob Dylan | Man In The Long Black Coat
I like the implied dance of Death which has a dark but compelling quality.

9. The Doors | Riders On The Storm
The somber vocal with the descending keyboard line go so well. The voice intones like a bell.

10. Yes | Cinema
I enjoy the fast rhythm contrasted with the legato (slow) melody line that snakes across it.

WARMER MIXTAPES #1605 | by Nathalia Bruno [DRIFT.] of PHOSPHOR and Leave The Planet

Photo by Andreia Lemos

1. Nico | Frozen Warnings
Shivers down my spine... Each time.

2. Portishead | Machine Gun
Mesmerising, brutal, beautiful.

3. Nancy Sinatra | Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) (Cher Cover)
Elegant, sexy, a masterpiece.

4. Rowland S. Howard | Autoluminescent
Only a tortured soul could write a song this heart wrenching...

5. Death In June | The Calling (Mk II)
Never fails to make me dance.

6. John Cale | Big White Cloud
When I stand with my back to The Sea...
A big white cloud, looking right down on me...
The sound of The Sun missing my eyes...
Everything's clear, everything's bright.
7. Vision Fantom | Eternity 2000
If you have never heard it, hear it.

8. Colin Newman | Alone
Haunts my dreams...

9. HTRK | Rent Boy
Sexy and erotically clever.

10. The Stooges | Dirt
Never. Want. This. Track. To. End.

+11. Nitzer Ebb | Let Your Body Learn
Memories of playing in Europe in my days in PHOSPHOR...

+12. Leonard Cohen | Suzanne
A classic, but nonetheless a favourite forever...

+13. Diana Ross | Love Hangover
Voice + woman of anyone’s dream.

+14. Ebo Taylor | Love And Death
Love and Death
go hand in hand...
The way to your grave...
Is just the same

+15. Jefferson Handkerchief | I'm Allergic To Flowers
Fitting for the Spring/Summer season... Achooo!

WARMER MIXTAPES #1604 | by Ngassa Tchanga [Ngassa] of Blue Jay

1. Alien Alien | Sambaca
I discovered that song while I was working in Romania 2 months in mid 2013. I love this track because it is very dirty, very hypnotic. It is like Backroom Music, engaging you to stick your dick in any crazy hole... Music to get raunchy while dancing on the ocean floor... So far I never knew who or what this Sambaca is... Whenever I hear it, I gotta dance like I'm in a weird/cheap strip club downtown, under the influence of a deadly valentine.

2. Tweet | Oops (Oh My)
Way back then when I used to go to club many times in the week, I used to beg the DJ to play this track. It's lazy, it's groovy, it's yummy, it's sleazy, you don't have to move much on it 'cause it is a masterpiece. It's a clever Sensual Seduction within you and yourself, 'cause it deals with Masturbation. Pure FUEGO LENTO.

3. Grimes | Genesis
This song is so refreshing, trippy, uplifting, positive, dreamy. The chant is like an hymn making you travel. It calms you down while it's telling a secret: nothing is certain, that's the way it is and it's not a bad thing, so all you gotta do is to keep watering the garden of your house of Chill. It's a bit geek, but not too much, there is a litlle Flirt flavour. It's an ode for the free spirits.

4. Lenny Kravitz | American Woman (The Guess Who Cover) (Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Original Soundtrack)
Lenny is unique to me. As a child in the 90s in Cameroon (Africa) I had little access to Pop Culture or MTV. Lenny was the first black dude I ever saw on TV with dreadlocks. He was marginal, unconventional, 'cause he was more into Rock than straight Hip Hop/R&B or Reggae. That's why he became my hero. I love many songs from him. I picked this one 'cause it's the one I think where he is the sexiest. Pure orgasm for my ears near the end of the song where he vocally let it all out. R&B was always my first Musical Love, because it fits my personality like a glove. However, as I grow old, Rock became an ally to take a stand and to rebel.

5. Antonio Adolfo | Killer Joe (Lionel Hampton Cover)
I love me some Brazillian Music or Bossa Nova. Indeed, this joint right here is Pure Lively Bliss. You can't help but shaking your hips. I love the horns, the drums, all that merges with a soft, smart frenzy and Elegance... Much like a hypnotic tropical fiesta at Copacabana.

6. Ralph Tresvant | Sensitivity
Good boys don't always finish last... Naturally so, I mean... I truly hope so. You know, like Michael Jackson, I am a lover, not a fighter. Indeed, what I enjoy the most in this smooth R&B song is that it sounds like a track Michael could have sung. It's very similar to his song Fly Away (from the Bad album's bonus tracks) with a faster beat. I like the Tenderness, the energy and the soft vocal layers. All that mix relaxes me, it gives me hope that someday I could give some Spiritual Love to somebody. Honey, I'm out there! I like the message because the singer is a firm believer that between him and the bad boy, a girl can choose him. (For real?)

7. Myrtille | Murmures
Sometimes Less is More. This French Pop/Folk song gets me everytime I play it. It reminds me how fortunate I am to live in the suburbs next to the country, away from the stress of the big city. I like to space off in the green landscapes with my son. Those precious moments stops Time.

8. Ibrahim Maalouf | Illusions
Prog Music is a genre that I am growing to love more and more as I grow old. This song is so intense... I mean... The climax always gives me shivers.

9. Monique Seka | Okaman
It's 'bout time for some African Music, alright! Though I was born in France, still I have lived in Africa from 2 until I got 14 years old. This song is a brilliant mix of Afro Pop, Afro Zouk and African Music. It is so irresistible, you got to get your groove on and dance with your baby on it! I like it because it is a nice song for EVERYBODY, you can dance together with your lovely one or with your mother, your sister, your kids and so on... Therefore I always put this song each time we got family gatherings (Eastern, Christmas or summer barbecues), because I am always asked to be the DJ, of course.

10. Janet Jackson | Empty
Last, but not least. Everybody that knows me well, knows I'm a Janet Jakson fan. It all started back in 1997 when the album The Velvet Rope was out. It was the first time ever that on an album I liked every song present on it without skipping. The song that resonated the most is Empty. I was 15 years old, still trying to adjust from the African life to the European life. I felt weird like a creep, out of place, 'cause I just had discovered I might be gay. I felt support while listening to that album, it was like a cure. I love this Futuristic Trip Hop track 'cause it had some African vibes mixed with some New Zealand chant (I was obsessed in that time with New Zealand after a trip there in mid 1996). Moreover, the subject matter was also ahead of its time in today's age of Tinder/Grindr and so on... As it deals with long distance relationships. HOW EMPTY OF ME TO BE SO FULL OF YOU...

WARMER MIXTAPES #1603 | by Christopher Manik (Chatterbox)/[MANIK]

1. Purity Ring | Obedear
One of my favorite artists of recent years, this song is amazing. Totally my style. Overall I love the darker take on Indie Pop that PR brings.

2. New Look | Nap On The Bow
Love this one for its honesty and its groove. The light vocals on top of that heavy low tom presence is a beauty too.

3. Roy Ayers Ubiquity | Searching
Funk that shit up. End of story.

4. Memory Tapes | Run Out
Dreamy lush Lo-Fi Pop. Does it get any more euphoric?

5. Komiko | Feel Alright
Funked up Disco from the SAM catalog. Classic bump and grind right here. You can also hear those classic pitch bended Juno Funk riffs.

6. Craig Mack | Flava In Ya Ear
Classic mid 90s Hip Hop from Bad Boy. Love that sample and groove. You used to hear this all day everyday in every Jeep driving by in NYC, 1994. Craig Mack in ya ear!

7. Kavinsky | Nightcall (feat. Lovefoxxx)
Absolute beast of an 80s inspired tune. Kavinsky is a legend and this track was the perfect movie starter for the Drive soundtrack.

8. Matthew Dear | Her Fantasy
Beams... LP from the Ghostly hero, Matthew Dear. Really awesome in every way possible. Still has his character dark tone driven style, but this LP is way more lighter than Black City. Right up my street.

9. Major Lazer | Get Free (feat. Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors)
Dope cut from Major Lazer. Reggae vibes and deep Funk roots. Fell in Love with it asap.

10. The Internet | They Say
Classic song from The Internet. Augmented chords give you that who dun it feel. Great chill vibes all over this one.

1. Grouper | Alien Observer
Grouper is my spirit animal. Her Music is the best sleeping medicine.

2. Radiohead | Let Down
This has been my favourite song since I was twelve. I remember listening to it in the backseat of my parents' car while driving at night. A crucial moment in my life.

3. The Radio Dept. | The Video Dept. 
Perfect, lazy and melancholic. Could literally choose any song by The Radio Dept. because I adore them all. Best listened to while biking around on summer evenings.

4. Judee Sill | The Kiss 
This song was played at my wedding this summer...

5. Makthaverskan | Witness 
Probably my favourite album this year. Passionate and melodic Post-Punk from Sweden.

6. My Bloody Valentine | You Made Me Realise 
Wish I could play this live!

7. Alex G | Skipper 
One of the best songwriters of our time. Saw him live in Oslo last week and it renewed my faith in Music.

8. Smashing Pumpkins | Cherub Rock 
Anything Pumpkins did in the '90s is perfect. Siamese Dream is untouchable!

9. Frank Ocean | Nights 
Blonde is a masterpiece. Absolutely heartbreaking and beautiful.

10. Spielbergs | Ghost Boy
An eight minute epic journey. My favourite song by a Norwegian band. Do yourself a favour and listen to this song!